BeyondHeadlines Announces a Series on Young Leaders

BeyondHeadlines since its inception has strongly felt the need to acknowledge and promote the incredible work that young women and men are doing throughout India. In the coming days we are going to publish profile stories of brave and inspiring young minds who have contributed to their respective fields.

Readers are requested to nominate candidates from the following categories. Nominations are welcome from both Urban and Rural India. Nevertheless, we will be keen to know more about the works of young minds who come from a rural background and/or who are working in rural areas. Nominations from women and minority communities are especially welcome.

Some key categories are mentioned below for guidance. Readers can also send their nominations outside these categories.

1.      Young Community and Social Workers

2.      Young Lawyers (for Community Empowerment)

3.      Young Doctors (in Urban and Rural Health Development)

4.      Young Academics, Teachers and Researchers

5.      Young Civil Servants

6.      Young Journalists in English and Regional Languages

7.      Young Political Leaders (for Vision, Inclusion and Empowerment)

8.      Young Fiction and Non-Fiction Writers

9.      Young actors, artists, painters and designers

10.  Young Sports Persons

11.  Young Entrepreneurs (for innovative, empowering and sustainable business practices)

Age Limit: 18-35

Nomination: Must be either by Self or by Friends and Colleagues

Deadline: No Deadline, Rolling nominations

Nominator must be able to provide the following documents in order to justify the nomination.

Required Documents:

  • A Cover Letter
  • A comprehensive and updated CV
  • Personal story of life, education and inspiration
  • Vision and Achievements so far
  • Challenges faced in achieving goals
  • Awards and Recognition
  • Future Plans
  • Web Links (if available) and Photographs
  • Three Recommendations explaining why the candidate is an inspiring youth leader

Email: beyondheadlinesnews@gmail.com

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