Police Patrol in Delhi : Checking Gang-Rapes or Earning Money?

Subhash Chandra Agrawal for BeyondHeadlines

While I with full anger on 18th December 2012 was watching TV panel-discussions on country’s brutal-most 16th December 2012’s rape-case of Delhi, I received a phone-call from my tempo-driver that two policemen in khaki patrolling on a yellow motor-cycle at about 9.30 pm demanded and took a hundred-rupee note for unloading some cloth at Dariba-corner of Chandni Chowk (Delhi). This simple and insignificant incident involving just a petty one-hundred rupee note reveals all about night police-patrol in capital city of India. I even registered a complaint on telephone-number 100 not to recover 100-rupee note but to educate our Police Commissioner about reality of police-patrol in city in night. I am still not aware what happened to my complaint, and if the two police-persons were arrested and suspended or not.

Will Union Home Minister, Delhi Chief Minister and Delhi Police Commissioner take note of hafta-vasuli by all means by their police-persons? Everyone knows that every one selling goods on footpath or road-sides in Delhi/New Delhi including even Ice-cream vendors in evening and night hours are to pay ‘rent’ to police-staff for using public roads and footpaths!

(Writer is Guinness Record Holder for most letters in newspapers, and an RTI activist)

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