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BeyondHeadlines launches Republic Day Special Series on Indian Constitution

The completion of 62 years of the Constitution of the world’s largest democracy deserves many accolades but at the same time, a critical analysis of its six decade history poses some complex questions. Hailed as on of the great constitutions of the world, our constitution is the lengthiest. Has this elaborate document achieved the objectives that its founding fathers had set during the Constituent Assembly Debates? In the forthcoming days we will focus on the Constitution and locate the place and role constitutional values in our present day society, polity and economy. We would like to understand its great successes as well as the glaring failures and analyse what lies ahead for all of us; the Indians.


Some broad questions:

1. Fundamental Rights and DPSP: what lies ahead

2. Challenges to implement Right to Education, inherent constraints and external challenges

3. Right to Food as a constitutional guarantee

4. Contemporary Relevance of the constitutional assembly debates

5. Reservation for Muslims: what the constitution says

6. Where are the Tribals in the Constitution? What has changed and what has not in last 62 years?

7. Has the Indian state abandoned the constitutional decree of a welfare state?

8. Citizen Oversight and Social Audit vs the State?

9. Right to Protest: Constitutional Debates and Insights

10. Future of the Indian constitution and constitutional governance

BeyondHeadlines wishes to get answers to the above questions from our readers. Send us your articles or opinion pieces on edit@beyondheadlines.in or beyondheadlinesnews@gmail.com. As our readership includes school and college going youth, we are very keen to make this platform as informative and interactive as possible. Contributions on these issues should be written in simple language and technical words must be explained clearly.

BH family wishes all its readers a VERY HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY in advance!

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