Jyoti Demands Justice, to start Indefinite Hunger Strike in Washington on Republic Day

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Jyoti Ghag is a Washington based Indian from Thane of Maharashtra. She has written several petitions to the Judiciary and approached highest decision makers in India to probe his War Veteran father Atmaram Ghag’s death.  She alleges that her father was subject to illegal confinement and people in power killed him to grab the property. Since her father’s death in 2003, in last 10 years she has written and protested but has received no support from the administration or judiciary. She has complained of harassment also in the United States.

Below is her email where she talks about her plan of indefinite hunger strike in Washington. This mail was written to Indian authorities and BeyondHeadlines produces the email as it is below:


Highest Government Authority of my Home Country India,

I am sending you this email with tremendous hope. I have been fighting for years against the systemic corruption in Maharashtra Home Ministry, Police & the Judiciary system. Now my last & only option to save my brothers’ life & my liberty is to expose the wrongly involved High rank Government officials by openly protesting against their corrupt practices. If I don’t hurry then I may end up losing both of my brothers to abusive death like my father or may lose them to a mental ward for good. These high rank Government officials have been violating our Constitutional, Human & Civil Rights since year 2005. They have continued putting my life & Liberty in danger, in India & in the US. My brothers & I are running out of options, time & hope. I am done living with watching over my shoulder.

So I plan to protest (indefinite Hunger Strike) on Saturday the 26th Jan morning at 9:00 in Sammamish, Washington USA at junction of 187th Ave NE & Redmond Way. The protest is against corrupt practices of Chief Justice of Maharashtra Mr. Mohit Shah, officials of Maharashtra Home Ministry, Law Enforcement & External Affairs Ministry officials.

After losing my 87 year old World War Veteran Father’s life & my brothers sanity to systemic corruption, I continued witnessing my father’s murderers & our abusers being protected by Home Ministry officials, Thane- Mumbai Commissioner Police Officials & Vartak Nager Police. These high rank Maharashtra Police officials and involved corrupt Court officials didn’t hesitate sweeping the investigation orders under the rug which the Chief Justice, Home Minister, Chief minister & Director General Police of Maharashtra issued against them in May 2005, June 2008, July 2009 & August 2009. Thane Police & Thane Court Judge Mrs. Bharti Kale illegally restrained my tortured turned schizophrenic brother in Thane jail. Thane police tried to confiscate my US passport because I blew their cover up and brought my innocent, helpless brother out of jail after 3 weeks of hardship. They filed false FIR against me and tried to put me behind bars around December 2008. The American Consulate officials of Mumbai helped me getting evacuated from India the same night. After gathering enough evidence against these murderers & abusers I reached the Indian Ambassador in Washington DC with detailed complaint around 28th August 2009. Ambassador official Mr. Sanjay Sinha took my statement & sent an urgent investigation order on 29th Sep’09 to Chief Secretary of Maharashtra Mr. Johnny Joseph & Director General of Maharashtra police Mr. S.S. Virk in regards to my father’s murder. The investigation order reached the Home Ministry office in Mantralaya Mumbai the next day on 30th Sep’09 around 12:30 p.m. The said Criminal investigation would have exposed the Mumbai Commissioner Police Mr. D. Shivanandan & Joint CP Crime Mr. Rakesh Maria’s direct connection in protecting my father’s murderers & abusers. Commissioner Shivanandan & his best buddy Addi Chief Secretary of Maharashtra Mrs. Chandra Iyanger manipulated Mr. Sinha for putting my father’s murder investigation order under the rug. These officials instead framed me & put my life n Liberty in danger by feeding false information to US Homeland Security Department. On 1st October morning the officials of India Ambassador Washington D.C. informed US Homeland Security Department Washington DC officials  that I have terrorist agenda & am planning to commit suicide at the Indian Ambassador building on 2nd October’2009. I had to go through hours of intense FBI investigation on 1st October’2009 . Of course FBI found me being innocent & since being exceptionally cooperative in the process of me getting justice against India Ambassador officials. In fact King County Sherriff, Sammamish Police & FBI officials have been extremely supportive of my fight against these Human & Constitutional Rights’ abusers especially after learning that I am a daughter of World War Veteran & retired Indian Cop. Unfortunately FBI can’t close the said investigation file, unless & until India External Affairs Ministry don’t accept their wrong doing by releasing Apology letter to US Homeland Security Department. The Investigation file will stay open till 2015 at their Washington DC office. They will be evaluating said file some time in year 2015 to decide whether the said investigation should remain open or get closed.

I filed a complaint to the Prime Minister of India against the involved high rank officials around October’2010. PMO ordered CBI Director to investigate entire matter. Irony is involved high rank officials  & Mumbai CBI officials Mr. Kandaswamy put the Prime Minister Office’s order of said investigation under the rug. I flew to Mumbai in Dec’2010 & filed a petition to Bombay High Court at Chief Justice of Maharashtra Mr. Mohit Shah’s court. On July 11th 2011 the Indian Ministry of External Affairs accepted their wrong doing in Chief Justice’s open Court located in Mumbai and submitted an apology letter to him with request of forwarding their apology to me and to US Homeland Security Department. However instead of handing over that apology letter to me and forwarding it to U.S. Homeland Security Washington D.C. office, Chief Justice Mr. Shah threatened me in his open court stating that if I fail to surrender my compensation request, he will keep the apology letter in his custody and will make me face severe consequences for not excepting his bargain. His court associate Mr. Ravi Gadagkar replaced that apology letter with self-written forged false documentation in the records of said High court proceedings. I filed a complaint to the President of India on 9/5/2012 against Mr. Shah & Mr. Gadagkar. After going through the crucial evidences of Mr. Shah’s corrupt, illegal practices the President of India officials ordered the Chief Secretary of Maharashtra to investigate my complaint in a time binding manner. Chief Secretary officials forwarded the said investigation order to Bombay High court instead of forwarding it to Chief Minister & Home Minister of Maharashtra for appropriate action.  How could High Court officials have dared to bell the (cat) Chief Justice Mr. Shah??….…..the said investigation order was successfully ignored by Court officials. I received the letter from Bombay High Court registrar Mr. Sawant stating that my complaint against Mr. Shah is false.

All these Government officials have taken the Judiciary & Law Enforcement system of our country for granted.I cannot bring my Dad back but still could save my brothers’ & my life n Liberty. I am positive that my protest & your support definitely will help my brothers n me but most importantly it will help giving loud, confident voice and strong platform to millions of other common and underprivileged citizens in India who are being victims like me and forced to saliently survive the violation of their HUMAN & CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS by corrupt Law Enforcement and Judiciary system.

I am in process of publishing attached book which may give courage to other victims for standing up for their birth, Human, Constitutional Rights. Please share this email to as many people & to communities as you can.

Thanking you all in advance for your support.

Warm Regards,

Jyoti Ghag.

425 351 7655 Cell.

425 836 4257 Resi.

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