BJP Can Hire More Sell-out Moulanas Down the Course to Kneel-Down Congress

Dr. Syed Ali Mahmood for BeyondHeadlines

The anti-Muslim policy of Congress in Andhra Pradesh against  Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi by indulging him in politically motivated charges of sedition and waging war against the nation for his  alleged “hate speech” and the hanging of Afzal Guru prompted the BJP to kneel-down the congress  by utilizing the anti-congress waves of Muslims all over India. In order to develop and keep alive anti-congress waves until 2014 general election, RSS+BJP will hire more sell-out Moulanas down the course. BJP is well aware that if Congress loses in AP and Rajasthan, it is very difficult to form congress-led UPA (United Progressive Alliance) Government in the centre.


Moulana Mahmood Madani is the 2nd or 3rd one in the series, who gave the clean cheat to  BUTCHER of MUSLIMS IN GUJARAT, Narendra Modi, who followed the path of Shaitan in the 2002 Gujarat genocide   by  allowing his followers to  kill  hundreds of  innocent men, women, children, children in the wombs, etc. of Muslim faith by utilizing various methods such as burning alive, hacking,  raping and killing, etc.

InshaAllah, Moulana Mahmood Madani will be accountable before the Allah SWT for supporting the butcher of human beings as well as to the innocent men, women, children, unborn children, etc. Allah SWT created all human beings including Hindus, Christians, Sikh, etc. and every soul knows what is wrong and what is right. The secular Hindus or those human beings who are nearer to the Creator definitely carry the kind and just hearts for fellow human beings, irrespective of religion. Hats off to Rajdeep Sardesai, CNN-IBN Editor-in-Chief, who exposed the true face and hidden agenda of Narendra Modi in 2002-03.

Right now, Moulana Madani should not use the platform of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind to deceive Muslims. He must resign from the post after that he can join and campaign for BJP. Muslims only fear with Allah SWT, our Savior, our Protector. InshaAllha, Indian Muslims, who are the sons of the soil will accept the challenge of BJP and RSS in all walks of life. Muslims with strong level of iman (faith) will not vote for BJP. We know the booth capturing tactics of BJP thugs, who come in groups and cast votes of others in bulk and same thing might have been happened in Gujarat. The other tactic of BJP is to create fear of social boycott and revenge if not voted for BJP.

(The views expressed here are personal.)


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