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The Campaign for Electoral Reforms in India (CERI) is spearheading a campaign in the country for Proportional Representation system in order to enhance the inclusive character of Indian democracy and governance. Though Indian democracy is hailed as the largest one in the world, we still waste about 70 % of votes election after election and only make a woefully minority party to govern. We still live with the British legacy of FPTP resulting in enormous role corruption, violence, casteism and communalism. This results in cumulatively ineffective governance. 89 countries in the world have already shifted to Proportionate Electoral system while only 60 countries, mostly former colonies of the British, are still sticking on to FPTP.

India, being a multicultural society with a multiparty system, is badly in need of shifting to proportional representation system, as it provides inclusive space for minority social groups like Dalits, Adivasis/Tribals, religious, ethnic and sexual minorities, women and also the Working Class. The CERI campaign is specifically focused on bringing about this change in India. However, the knowledge bank in India on PR system is relatively low.

CERI, which has made great strides in its campaign for Proportional Electoral system in India has organized a series of events in Delhi starting from 06 March to 08 March.

We takes this opportunity to invite you to a press conference on March 5, 2013 at the Delhi Press Club, New Delhi starting at 3 pm.

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