Kashmiri Student was Mentally Tortured by Police before Suicide

Afroz Alam Sahil for BeyondHeadlines

The vibrant atmosphere of The English and Foreign Languages University is disturbed by sudden suicide of a Kashmiri research Scholar.

We visited the campus on Monday. Various students groups were protesting against the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Sunaina Singh and demanding enquiry into the incident with students participation in the enquiry committee.

We also found that the real reason behind the suicide of the Student Mudassir Kamran, a Doctorate student in English department, was not fight with his roommate named Waseem but apathy of the university administration towards him.

Kashmiri Student was Mentally Tortured by Police before Suicide

The students protesting against the university administration told us that Mr. Mudassir was detained illegally by the local police and was kept all night in the police station without any formal complaint against him.

He was not only kept in illegal detention at the police station but was also tortured mentally. He was disturbed due to fight with his roommate. Instead of providing him aid and counseling the university called police and sent him to illegal detention where he was mentally abused and slangs were made about his Kashmiri origin.

The students told us that when he returned from police station he was completely shaken and crying. He was asking that being a Kashmiri is not a crime in India.

Before committing suicide he cried all day. According to his fellow students he was very sensible and friendly. Few months back his roommate has lodged complaint against him and wanted to change the room. The university administration did not entertain the complaint and Waseem and Mudassir were kept in the same room.

Before committing suicide Mudassir had fight with waseem which was reported to the university administration. This time the university administration called up police which furhter saddened the deceased student.

On Monday, after long hours of protest by the students the Vice Chancellor came out and promised enquiry into the incident. But students denied enquiry by college staff and asked for representation of students in the Enquiry Committee.

The Death of Mohd. Mudassir has sparked sentiments among the student community in the university. Various groups of students have come together to demand justice.

Mudassir Kamran who was found hanging on the roof of his hostel room at EFLU. He had organized a seminar in the EFLU premises, strongly condemning the inhuman act of hanging Afzal Guru after the latter’s execution.


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