Role of the Teacher in Building a Healthy and Fruitful Teacher-Student Relationship

Ranjana Bisht for BeyondHeadlines 

Education is one of the basic requirements of a person. It provides knowledge and strength to live a good life for a person. It is the tool of empowerment in the society. The role of the teachers in education is valuable. He or she is like the parent for the students. A teacher helps them in solving the problems related to their thoughts, behaviour and career. The student teacher relationship should always be harmonious. The good relationship helps the student in achieving a good academic record. If a teacher has good knowledge of the subject and the quality of his teaching is good, then the students will show interest in study. But sometimes the method of teaching doesn’t fulfil the purpose.

At that time we need some qualitative changes in the teaching pattern. First of all a teacher has to interact with the students and try to understand their problems and interests. There should be proper communication so that students can share their interests and problems. If the teacher can understand the psychology of a child then there are more chances of improvement in the behaviour of the child. The student would respect and obey their teachers and parents. At a regular interval of time parents and teachers meetings should be held. Instead of blaming each other they should understand their responsibilities and the necessity of the hour.

 Role of the Teacher in Building a Healthy and Fruitful Teacher-Student Relationship

When the student is a teenager then the relationship between a teacher and the student becomes very sensitive. At this stage a teacher must be friendly towards the students. He must be compassionate and cooperative with them. During this time period a student need more care and concern. He or she is more inquisitive and curious about the changes and things around him or her. He or she likes to ask more questions in the class room. And it is the duty of a teacher that he or she should  understand the student’s problems and show the right path.

The teacher must appreciate and encourage them for good deeds and whenever the teacher find  them indulging in wrong deeds and going in the wrong directions,  the teacher should  not only strictly warn them but also tell them the ill effects of those deeds. Moral teaching is also necessary for them. Yoga and meditation also help in development of personality and positive attitude towards life.

Today everyone is criticizing western culture and modernization for degradation of values in students and the youth.  But the main factor is the ignorance about what the child is facing at home and school. A child learns its first lesson at home from parents. They are first guide or teacher of a child. Today in this materialistic world the people are busy in making money. They have no time for their children. In this condition a child feels lonely and ignorant.  Due to this ignorance a child becomes aggressive and stubborn. That’s why he or she behaves rudely with his parents and teachers at school. Some times to get attention they do some mischief. Some students are week and shy. Children   have different capabilities.

So a teacher has to understand the psychology of a student. Then only a teacher can understand their problems. The teacher must be kind and cooperative in such a way that a student will not hesitate in asking anything. The teacher has to create conducive environment for the students that they would interact and communicate easily. And also the teacher should teach them to be cooperative and helpful to their classmates.

Globalization has affected the education sector. Commercialization of education has become the order of the day. Teachers are earning more in tuitions. And because of that they are less interested in teaching in the school. They do not pay attention to the students in the school and do not show their dedication towards the students. It has bad impacts on the mind of the students. It creates a gap between the student and the teacher.

For the betterment of the student teacher relationship, the teachers must   stop indulging in tuitions or any kind of profit making activities outside the school. The teacher should give all the attention to the students specially the weak ones. New teaching strategies will help them to learn quickly. Workshops should be organized for the children. Training programmes should be organised for the teachers. These will definitely help in improving the student teacher relationship and maintaining a good teaching environment.

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