Save Sharmila week from 8th International Women s Day started today from Chhenai

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‘Save sharmila Solidarity Campaign(SSSC)’which is a nation-wide struggle against the neglection and suppression of Irom Sharmila Chanu, a Manipuri poet turned activist who has been on a relay hunger-protest for last12 years just to protest against the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in Manipur. For this, SSSC has organized various events such as ‘Save Sharmila Jan Karwan’ from Srinagar to Imphal, Solidarity Fasts, Candle Vigils, Documentary Sessions, Public Awareness Rallies, Sitting in Protests, Delegation Meets with NHRC & Memorandum to Prime Minister etc successfully in the past.

SSSC has previously decided to organize a ‘Save Sharmila Week’ from 8th march i.e. International Women s Day to 14th march i.e. Irom Sharmila’s birthday but now seems a bit change in the programme. On 14th we are not organizing any event as Sharmila herself told us not to hold any kind of celebration on 14th march on her birthday as it may divert the issue. In her recent visit to Delhi, Irom Sharmila again repeated her commitment about democracy, democratic values and non violence. She openly declared that her struggle is completely nonviolent. We strongly feel that now it is the responsibility of all of us who believes in democratic values and non violence to come forward and support her.

In the wake of all these concerns, we started the week today itself from Chhenai in Tamilandu.national secretary of khudai khidmatgar and SSSC member Inamul Hasan said that SSSC is a solidarity forum whose chief motto is to make people aware about the strug On the inauguration of Save Sharmila Week, the gle of  Irom Sharmila. He further said that in her recent visit to Delhi, Irom once again assured the nation that her fight is for establishing the democracy and restoring the peace only. Thus this becomes our responsibility to come forward in support of her cause. By the Save Sharmila Week, we want to send the message that she is not alone now but we are with her. We have strong feelings for Irom and her struggle because she is a true lover of democracy and a responsible citizen of this country. She thus, too has every right to get heard. Her struggle shows her faith in democracy and non-violence. Inamul Hasan said that on 12th march SSSC leader Faisal khan with volunteer will sit on fast with Irom and will also discuss the future actions with her as on 12th the Govt will release Irom for a short period of time due to some constitutional provisions.

The Well known women rights activistst Anandhi ammal of Tamilnadu said that from today we are taking this responsibility to spread Irom’s message of establishing democracy and restoring justice not only in Tamilnadu but in the entire South India. She also said it is much shocking that in these 12 years, not a single delegation from Govt. took a pain meet Irom Sharmila or took her concern which she was supposed to get being a citizen of this great & democratic champion nation!

Social activist  Gandhimathy said that Irom fight is totally non violent so how can we ignore her if we truly believe in Gandhian values. He also made an appeal to all Gandhians of the nation to come forward in her support.

The renowned social  activist Sendhil Nayagam said that AFSPA is anti democratic legislative arrangement in a democratic country like India. This type of law just makes our long and cherished democratic values and traditions week. Thus there is a high time now that this law should be removed.

Besides the speakers, a big gathering of women, social activists, Gandhians, Youth and people from all walks participated showing their solidarity with Irom’s struggle.

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