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A Nation of Discrimination – Pseudo Secularism and Double Standards in Indian System

Nabeela Khan for BeyondHeadlines

Every time a bomb blast takes place, we see various news channels flashing Muslim names as terrorists. And Police follows with a readymade statement blaming “Indian Mujahideen (IM)” as a ‘terrorist’ group for such an act. I am skeptical as to why  our ‘smart’ police could not trace the office or gather any further details of such an outfit which is reportedly responsible for killing thousands of innocent Indians.

If at all IM or any such outfits exist then why our ‘efficient’ agencies could not bring them to book and run a fair trail. Unfortunately, many investigation reports point to the fact that many of the terror attacks are happening in a similar way and same logic follows in the statements of our agencies.

A Nation of Discrimination - Pseudo Secularism and Double Standards in Indian System

After every blast, police illegally nab Muslim youth and cooks-up a pseudo story to be revealed to TRP hungry electronic media. And the rest of the flavors are added by our media, which unfortunately have become irresponsible in reporting highly sensitive issues. In doing so, both police and media tamper image of the Muslim community by portraying them as ‘terrorist’ even before the fair trial begins. What has been noticed in many such fabricated cases that the Court has given clean-chit to those innocent Muslims whose lives have already been ruined.

A victim of Hyderabad bomb blast confessed that he was not arrested but kidnapped without any arrest warrant. Police in civil suits threatened him with weapons to follow them quietly. In many of the terror-related cases, this has become normal practice of our irresponsible cum biased police and agencies.

Journalist Motiur Rahman Siddiqi, who was working for Deccan Herald in Bangalore, had been charged by police as ‘mastermind’ of a terror plot and later released as they were unable to produce concrete evidences for their fabricated story.

He revealed that life has changed following this incident, as even booking railway ticket has become difficult for him. His life has been stained with indelible tag of ‘terrorist’, though he’s been proved innocent. His career too has been ruined. In almost all the terror-related cases it’s been seen that neither police official nor agencies apologize for arresting and ruining lives of innocent Muslims.

Both literates and Aam Aadmis have already started realizing the petty tactics employed by police and agencies in fabricating and torturing Muslim youth. It’s high time that our government stops this at once; else people will loose its trust in the system. Lastly, it is our system and an obviously ‘Us’ who made intentions of some biased and unjust elements successful. We all have to do our bit to remove these double standard and discrimination from the society and make it a better place to live in peace.

(The author is a student of 12th standard in Jamia Millia Islamia School, New Delhi)

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