“I was Subjected to Shameless Torture”

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Unveiling the facts and conditions in which he was made to give his confessional statement, Dr Qasim Faktoo in the recently released book “Dr. Muhammad Qasim The Victim of Political Vendetta” that he was subjected to shameless torture in the notorious Papa two interrogation centre, Srinagar and he has no words to express the nightmare. “I was bleeding and wounded, instead of taking me to hospital I was taken to Sub Jail Rangreth Budgam for more interrogation.”

From Sub Jail Rangreth, i was sent to Jammu for more interrogation and when I refused to budge i was detained under PSA for two years and lodged in Kotbalwal Jammu,” Faktoo claims in the book.

In the book, Faktoo says that he was sent to notorious interrogation centre Talab Tiloo, Jammu where “I was asked to participate in State Assembly Elections of October 2002. On my blunt refusal I was instantly lodged in Kotbalwal jail Jammu under PSA,” he states adding that he was accused of being spokesman of a militant organization.

"I was Subjected to Shameless Torture"

He further says that the government blamed him for delivering anti-national speeches in Hazratbal Mosque and Jamia Masjid Srinagar and the local newspapers had been publishing his articles expressing his political ideology.

Expressing shock over the reason for his detention Faktoo says that If Indian constitution guarantee’s and grants freedom of speech and expression to every individual then it should had been no crime to express political views, but he found it otherwise.

“During the interrogation they (Security Agencies) made hell-bent efforts to implicate me in the H.N Wanchoo murder case so that ground could be prepared for my prolonged detention and imprisonment. I resisted for at least two months. After covering my head with a blanket, they dragged me into a security vehicle. Later I came to know, that dark cell in which I was forcibly lodged was actually CBI lockup at Lodhi Colony Delhi. The torture was routine and I was being compelled to confess my involvement in the killing of Wanchoo,” Faktoo says.

He says that this time he passed through third degree torture and painstaking interrogation that was beyond his resistance. “Every organ of my body started brewing pain and bleeding. My mother had preserved those blood stained clothes,” Faktoo says.

“There after when my resistance broke, I asked CBI officers that I would sign to endorse the responsibility of every murder since 1947 from M.K Gandhi to Rajiv Gandhi. CBI officers told me that no court in the world can convict me merely because of confessional statement and that there will be general amnesty after some years and I will be released. Their words encouraged me and I took the liberty and confessed accordingly as they wished.” Faktoo says adding that his other two associates were made to sign the papers in the same way.

“None of the witnesses said a single word in the court against us and in broad day light, SP CBI acknowledged before the court that there is no evidence against me and Mohammad Shafi Khan,” he says in the book.

Qasim has urged in the book that he would like to ask a one simple question to all justice loving people that how can he get justice now. (Courtesy:

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