Medha Patkar Continues Indefinite Fast Fighting for Slum Dweller

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Renowned social activist Medha Patkar has continued her indefinite fast for the 7th day, joined by many persons including Madhuri Shivkar, to protest evictions in the Golibar area and to stop demolitions in Mumbai.

Ms. Patkar has alleged that Mumbai’s Slum Rehabilitation Scheme (SRS) was marred by corruption, government indifference and builders’ atrocities. She demanded that work on the six Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) projects be stopped until the enquiry in the matter was completed.

Responding to various complaints from across the country on the issue of demolitions, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has also issued notices to the Chief Secretary and DGP of Maharashtra calling for their response on the issues within two weeks.


Lending his support to the fight for slum dwellers, Justice (Retd) Rajender Sachar spoke to the Chief Minister’s Office and urged them to start the process of dialogue.

In support of this struggle, demonstrations and protests were also held in Hyderabad and Chennai. In addition to supporting the ongoing struggle in Mumbai, various organizations including Coastal People’s Protection Movement and National Alliance of People’s Movements have held demonstration in Chennai against the impending evictions of nearly two lakh people in name of slum development projects in the city.

Geetha Ramakrishnan from UWF said, “Struggle for the housing rights across the country for the working class is same, be it is Chennai or Mumbai.”

“Projects in the name of slum development are being brought in to grab the land by rich and powerful in cities. We will struggle for every inch of land, which we have developed over the years with our sweat and hard work,” she added.

Notable among those who supported the ongoing struggle in Mumbai were: Film Maker Anand Patwardhan, Architect Chandrashekhar and Suniti S R, NAPM.

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