‘I am Khalid Mujahid and I am innocent’, Campaign for Khalid Mujahid Intensifies on Social Media

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To highlight custodial killing of Khalid Mujahid, a facebook campaign has been started with page “I am Khalid Mujahid and I am innocent”. The admin of the campaign have declared series of action to be taken in next few days. The facebook campaign will soon send letters to the president of India and National Human Right Commission with a charter of demands.

The admin told the Muslim Mirror that issue of Khalid Mujahid has become an issue of rule of law verses administrative fascism. Many political sections are trying to politicize the issue and undermining the custodial killing which is very dangerous move. Unfortunately a mainstream political party has not yet issues any bol statement condemning this custodial killing and the BJP has even tried to justify the killing.

Before the law and Indian constitution, Khalid Mujahid was not a Hindu or a Muslim; he was an Indian citizen who deserved the same legal rights as anybody. His killing is not   a communal issue, instead a serious matter of rule of law and hence action against the responsible police personnel and officers is the only way to restore supremacy of rule of law in the country.

I am Khalid Mujahid and I am innocent

The campaign is targeted to address larger section of the society specially youths to sensitize them on issues of human rights violation on which Indian state has been repeatedly condemned by many international human right organizations in last few years. Unless each section of the society is engaged in this campaign for justice, it is not possible to realize justice for Khalid Mujahid and other terror accused who are languishing in jails without any hope.

Campaigners have expressed their deep concerns on saffronization of Bar Councils and media in India which have not only boycotted counseling of accused but also have physically attacked accused persons and their counsels.  Similarly Indian media has maintained its apathy towards issues of gross human rights violation not only in this case but also in other cases as in Chhatisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and North East region.

The online campaign will closely coordinate between Rihai Manch, Association of Protection of Civil Rights, family grieved family of Khalid Mujahid, their advocates and larger civil society in raising and mobilizing public opinion to ensure justice for the victims.  A group of young journalists, researchers from JNU, Jamia and activists have taken up the initiative.

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