No Information from Chief Minister Office on Financial Help: Khalid Mujahid’s Family

Umair Anas for BeyondHeadlines

Maulana Zaheer Alam Falahi, uncle of deceased terror suspect Khalid Mujahid has completely denied that he was contacted by the chief minister office for financial help of 6 lakh. Maulana told that he neither demanded nor would he accept any financial aid from the government unless justice for Khalid Mujahid was ensured.

Talking to Beyondheadlines, Maualana Zaheer Alam Falahi expressed his surprise and anger over politics being played on financial help to the family of Khalid Mujahid. He told that he had read about financial help only from newspaper. The report quotes Chief Minister as saying that his government has given 6 lakh rupees to the kin of Khalid, however nobody has even contacted us, Mr. Falahi said.

Even Maualana Fazlur Rahman who was heading the first Muslim delegation to Chief Minister after death of Khalid Mujahid has not contacted family of Khalid Mujahid before going to chief minister to present demands for Khalid Mujahid.

No Information from Chief Minister Office on Financial Help: Khalid Mujahid’s Family

In another talk, Maulana Fazlur Rahman accepted that he had not contacted family of Khalid Mujahid before going to the Chief Minister.

Maulana Zaheer Alam Falahi clarified that his main demand is to ensure introduction of Nimesh Commission Report in the assembly, arrest of 42 police implicated in the FIR and to start a time bound CBI inquiry.

He expressed his anger that 10 days have passed and there is no progress on any of these three key demands. When asked if he would accept financial help from the government in future, he told his first priority at this time is to get justice more than financial help, we want to listen that Chief Minister has taken some steps on three key demands for justice.

He said that he was worried about Maualna Tariq Qasmi, the other accused and he demanded to ensure his security. Khalid’s cousin Shahid told that SP MLA of Jaunpur and Minister Parasnath Yadav today visited the family and there was no mention of 6 lakh rupees at all in the meeting. When we asked him to present our demand to introduce Nimesh Commission in the assembly, the MLA kept quiet, Shahid said.

The drama over 6 lakh financial help has appeared with many twists and turns. The announcement of the help emerged from a meeting between the Chief Minister Akhilesh Singh Yadav and a Muslim delegation led by Maualana Fazlur Rahman Wayizi.

Nutan Thakur an independent social activist has lodged a PIL in the Allahabad high court’s Lucknow bench a writ petition on Monday challenging the ex-gratia.

Nutan Thakur has said that since Mujahid was an accused in terrorism-related offences, his family should not be granted compensation. Interestingly family of Khalid Mujahid never demanded any compensation so far. An demand for financial help was part of Maulana Fazlur Rahman’s memorandum which was prepared without any consultation with Khalid Mujahid’s family or their counsels.

Fazlur Rahman Waizi’s explanation

In an exclusive talk with Beyondheadlines, Imam of Teele Shah mosque in Lucknow Fazlur Rahman Wayizi who led the Muslim delegation to Chief Minister claimed that he did raise issue of Nimesh commission report in the meeting and he demanded its implementation.

He also rubbished all claims that he tried to broker a deal between Rihai Manch and the government however he was trying to include president of Rihai Manch Muhammad Shoib in the delegation.

But Maulana didn’t tell what exactly Chief Minister responded to his demand on Nimesh Commission. Fazlur Rahman Wayizi also blamed political parties for communalizing the issue so that Muslims’ support to the SP government goes down. Maulana avoided to endorse current agitation on Khalid Mujahid’s custodial death which he said was not a custodial death rather, it was because of illness. Maulana Wayizi is considered a confident of Mualaym Singh Yadav.

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