DU Sociology Syllabus in Trouble : Academicians Divided Over Marx vs Gandhi

Shafaque Alam for BeyondHeadlines

NEW DELHI : Delhi University’s Academic Council (AC) in its last meeting cleared the syllabus of Four Year Undergraduate Programme of Sociology but observed that the syllabus is leaning towards ‘Left Ideology’ due to excess emphasis on Karl Marx, which the department does not agree with. The AC had sent the syllabus back to the department suggesting some changes and asked it to submit it within three months.

Rajesh Kumar Jha, an Academic Council member said, “First, the department of Sociology delayed in course formation and submitted it after the deadline. The syllabus structured seemed one sided and intending to promote certain ideology. A number of readings and original works of Karl Marks was added to the syllabus. But less space was given to Indian scholars like Mahatma Gandhi and B R Ambedkar, which the AC members objected and sent it back to the department for review,” Mr. Jha said.

DU Sociology Syllabus in Trouble : Academicians Divided Over Marx vs Gandhi

On the other hand the Department of sociology does not agree with this observation. “The Department does not agree with the observation that there was excess emphasis on Karl Marx in the programme. We have also introduced Indian scholars like Gandhi and others. The Department is reviewing the syllabus but there are little chances of removing the chapters on Marx which has been added after due discussion,” said Prof. Satish Deshpande, Head, Department of Sociology. He, however, added that the department may add some more literature written by Indian writers as alternative.

Another AC member said that the Department deliberated on the course formation but the internal clash and ego delayed its final submission on time. “The AC members observed that the syllabus prepared had little new knowledge except emphasis on certain ideology. There was much literature on Marx which was essentially not required for undergraduate students. Moreover, there was little space for sociologists like Adam Smith or Mahatma Gandhi,” he said adding that the Department wanted AC’s approval in a hurry which was not possible. The history syllabus was also passed with a few suggestions.

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