Four Year Undergraduate Program Is Not Democratic

Ranjana Bisht for BeyondHeadlines

The neo-liberal policy of government on education is only serving the business interest. It is an opening pathway for privatization. This commercialization has a bad impact on quality of education. It is  deteriorating day by day. It’s purpose is no more giving knowledge and teaching child. It is not concern about the moral values and all round development of a person. Rather it has converted into a business.

Education is a democratic right of people, but now it become meaningless because it is beyond the affordable limit. Economically weaker section can’t proceed higher education further. These days Delhi University is going to start an American style of education. It has implemented a four year undergraduate program.(FYUP). This curriculum is based on a neo-liberal policy aimed at commercialization. But due to this four year program lot of controversy arises. This new course is one of the way to keep away weaker section from university, It brings extra financial burden on poor or backward classes. It is an expensive, dangerous and unwanted experiment which is implemented by the university. Four Year Undergraduate Program Is Not Democratic

Delhi University organizes a seminar every year before the beginning of new session. In which discussion on various issues take place between parents and teachers. This year when parents heard about the four year undergraduate program they gathered in large number . They are asking about the policy weather there is any chance that their students will finish the course in almost two years or three years. The teachers told them everything about the course and also tell them the fact that this course will easily provide lot of job opportunities to students.

On the other hand the members of All India Student Association (AISA) who are gathered outside the seminar hall they said that this course is not in favor of students it is not fulfilling the criteria of higher education. It was not explained clearly how this curriculum would make students more employable. It was well thought out conspiracy to empty the critical and analytical purpose of higher education.

Renu Bala who is professor in Hindi  and also the member of academic council of the university said that this new course is one of the way to keep away poor or backward classes from the university. Where it is very difficult for them to reach. The three option which are suggested to quit the course are only designed to show your money power. Eleven foundation courses are introduced which only increases burden of students . The student of the Satyvati college said that the parents of the poor students has to pay extra fees of one more year.

An organization named ‘Sambhawana’ has declared the course against the blind people. He filed the complain against the course in High court. Court was surprise to hear the issue of hastily implementing the course. He ordered the Delhi university vice chancellor to present the report on the issue before third July.

The curriculum of this program is divided into three parts. If a student leave his course in two years he will get diploma. In three years duration a bachelor degree, and after four years he will be post graduate from Delhi university. Course is implemented but no concern is given to the basic requirement and the solution of the problems that arise. The university doesn’t have the requisite infrastructure to support the new course curriculum. There is a lack of resources in terms of teachers, hostels, libraries and laboratories.

Our education system will soon collapse if the universities start deciding their own education policies autonomously. This new pattern FYUP is totally against national interest as it closes the door for the students who belongs to weaker section of our society .

To oppose this new pattern of education, the teachers, students and various organization raised voice against it. Protest and demonstration took place in city. Slogans are raised against the colonization of education and the dictatorial attitude of University Vice-chancellor. Campus Front of India-Delhi State General secretary Mehboob Sahana said that the decision has been taken without conducting transparent debate on the issue. They submitted a memorandum to the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi seeking her intervention.

Vice–chancellor has introduced a biometric system in each department of every college. Audio-visual camera were attached in all class rooms. The Delhi school of economics or the professor in sociology Satish Desh Pandey has said that at present it is very difficult to state the real motive behind the new pattern. It may be privatization or it may be the implementation of American style education policy. Today Delhi University is in a great controversial situation. The fanatic attitude of Vice-chancellor and the decision taken by him in an arbitrary manner  is responsible for all this nuisance.


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