Welfare Party Favours Bringing Political Parties under RTI Ambit

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New Delhi : The Welfare Party of India extended its whole hearted support to the order of the Chief Information Commissioner to bring the political parties under the ambit of the RTI Act.

Party general secretary Dr.S.Q.R. Ilyas in a statement said that the political parties must view the CIC order from a democratic perspective and angle. He clarified that lack of interaction and transparency has led to the lose of faith of people with the political establishment. With the order the CIC, Parties will henceforth be compelled to be more accountable to people and principles of the country.

Welfare Party Favours Bringing Political Parties under RTI Ambit

Dr. Ilyas said that members of the legislative bodies and ministers are decided by the parties and these members are bound to hold fast to the orders of their political masters. As the parties exert major role in drafting vital policies that affect the nation, its wealth and the people, they (the people) have a right to know about the parties, their functioning and the sources of their resources.

Dr.Ilyas reminded the political parties that it is their moral and democratic obligation to correct the conviction of the citizens that the parties conceal much and reveal little. Lack of transparency and scrutiny has led to the accumulation of funds in monstrous volume with the parties.

Dr. Ilyas said that his party being formed as an alternative to the present corrupt, communal and opportunist political outfits and is a value-based political platform supported the CIC stand and added that much reforms were needed to cleanse the present decaying and degenerating political culture.


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