Confusion Prevails Over BC [E] Participation in AP Panchayat Elections

SM Fasiullah for BeyondHeadlines
Confusion prevails over BC (E) participation in the local body elections in Andhra Pradesh, as the state Election Comission (EC) has declared the schedule of Panchayat elections scheduled to be held in three phases.Rumors are making rounds that candidates with BC (E) would not be eligible for contesting in the elections as the reservation case is pending in the AP High Court concerning applicability of political reservations to BC (E) category.

Confusion Prevails Over BC [E] Participation in AP Panchayat ElectionsBeating the rumors and guiding the interested candidates from Muslim community willing to take part in the local body election, Muslim Empowerment Movement has asked all such candidates to contest these elections as BC reservations are valid in the local body elections.Campaign Co-ordinator Aariz Mohammed said that BC (E) category is part of BC and the people of this category have been enjoying reservation.

The elections for 6863 Panchayats and 2,17,578 wards in Andhra Pradesh are scheduled to commence in three phases on on 23rd, 27th and 31st July 2013.

Notification for these elections will be issued on 9th of July by every District Election Office. Nominations could be filed from 9th July until 13th July, while the nomination can be withdraw if required on 17th July. The final list of contesting candidates is expected to be released on 17th July.

Mr. Aariz has noted down following clarifications for the interested candidates in particular and Muslims in general:a]  BC reservations are applicable in local body elections.  As BC [E] category is part of BC and the said Category of people were enjoying reservation subjected to the final judgment of SC they are also eligible to contest elections.

b]  There in no GO/Order/Circular from the concerned department on baring the BC [E] category people from contesting Local body elections.

C]  AP High court also responded as same on 2nd with regard to Pil 264 filed against BC [E] reservations case. However the concerned Department of the AP Government is yet file their counter in the court.

d]  If any election officer rejected, ask his to show any directive from the Government/Court along with a written rejection.

E]  Candidates of Muslims communities under BC[a], BC[B], BC[E] can contest In BC reserved Panchayats and in General Panchayats also.

F]  Women quota of 50% is applicable in all these Panchayats.

1.  Activists, Aspirants, Representatives of Political parties interested in Minorities should immediately meet the State Election commission/District Election in-charge and ask him to give a written clarification on this issue immediately to have fair and inclusive election to avoid hindrance amounting to confusion among the aspirants of Particular BC [E] category people.

2.  They need to address electronic and Print Media on the issue immediately and ask their counterparts at Districts and Revenue Divisions to act without delay.

3.  Reserved candidates can contest from any constituency in the state. They are not restricted to reserved constituencies only.

4.  The list of Panchayat and the details of Reservations including women reserved Panchayats should be available with Revenue Divisional Office.

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