Mystery of the SIM Card Found at Batla House

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A criminal writ petition (19 of 2012) seeking further investigation of the bomb blast cases taken place in India since 2002 has been filed in the Supreme Court of India. This is what the petition has to say about the Batla House encounter:

Mystery of the SIM card found at Batla House having been traced to Aurangabad district of Maharashtra :

Mystery of the SIM Card Found at Batla HouseA SIM card was found with an associate of the alleged terrorists killed in Batla House encounter in Delhi on 19th Sept. 2008. It was disclosed in the inquiry that the SIM card had been procured from a mobile shop “Gauri Enterprises” at Chitte Pimpalgaon near Aurangabad by using forged documents. It was also disclosed that 15 more such SIM cards had been obtained in the name of one “Nawaz Aziz Shaikh” of Chitte Pimpalgaon and all these cards had been in use since April 2007.

What was more surprising was the fact that when the encounter was in progress one of the terrorists had contacted a phone number in Aurangabad by using this SIM card. This was revealed from the call-details of the mobile phone.

Further inquiry by the ATS revealed that no person by name “Nawaz Aziz Shaikh” resided in Chitte Pimpalgaon and that the owner of the mobile phone shop “Gauri Enterprises”, Mangesh Doiphode, had himself acquired the SIM cards, in the fictitious name “Nawaz Aziz Shaikh” by using forged documents and had given them to terrorists (Page no. 109 & 119 of “Who Killed Karkare?”). The police have registered an offence at Chikal Thana police station in Aurangabad district vide C.R. No. 136/2009 u/s 420, 465, 467, 468, 471, 474 and 34 of I.P.C. against Mangesh Doiphode and filed the chargesheet. Copy of the chargesheet bearing No.0121/2010 at Chikalthana Police Station, District Aurangabad, Maharashtra is annexed as Annexure-P/17 (Pages 564 to 566) But it appears that the case was registered only for the offence of forgery and cheating and the charge-sheet has been filed only by doing a superficial investigation. No investigation, whatsoever, has been done into the most important aspect i.e. the terror aspect of the case. The call-details of the mobile number 9890848720 through which the call had allegedly been made from the Batla House to Aurangabad and the details of other 15 equally suspicious SIM cards have not been obtained & investigated. How casually this case was handled is gauged from the fact that the details of the investigation and its findings are covered only in one page of the charge-sheet. Moreover, in the investigation of the Delhi blast case 2008, also, all other mobile phones found at Batla House at the time of the encounter have been enquired into, but no inquiry at all, has been made in respect of this mobile having number 9890848720, as there is no mention of this mobile number anywhere in the Delhi blast chargesheet even though it was the most important mobile phone as it had been actually used by the terrorists at the time of encounter. It is therefore, necessary to further investigate the case, to get to know the numbers of all the SIM cards, obtain their call details and interlink them. This exercise will definitely lead to some bizarre revelation and may expose a nation-wide terrorist net-work.

The petition is based, among other things on the contents of the book Who Killed Karkare? – The real face of terrorism in India.

To read the complete petition visit:


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