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India’s democratic system has various facets, features and forms. The country being one of the largest populated nation in the world inherently has diversity as it has both honest and corrupt people. The Indian lawmakers have passed the Right to Information (RTI) Act in 2005 to bringing transparency and accountability in the system, particularly in the functioning of various government departments.

Save RTI Act from Amendments – NCPRIWith people viewing Supreme Court’s recent judgement nullifying representation of MPs and MLAs who have been convicted in any of the court as a move to cleanse the political system, the need has come to bring political parties under the under the purview and reach of RTI.

However, these politicians who once passed the RTI Act in Parliament look hesitant to make public their operations and activities, if approached through RTI. Citizens of this country have right to be informed of their representatives and the parties they admire and vote for.

It is learned that the government is thinking of moving amendments to the RTI Act in the coming session of Parliament, to negate the Chief Information Commission (CIC) order declaring that political parties are public authorities under the RTI Act.

National Campaign for People’s Right to Information (NCPRI) India think that the amendments would seek to not only address this issue but to curtail various other entitlements that have now established the ability of the RTI to fight corruption and the arbitrary use of power by the establishment.

“We appeal to you (citizens) for your help and support. We are petitioning the PM, and we request your endorsement. We feel your support, along with that of others, will represent an important consensus of opinion in the public domain against amendments to the RTI Act,” the NCPRI requested.

The NCPRI has filed a petition in this regard. A copy of the petition is reproduced below for BeyondHeadlines readers. Interested citizens can sign the petition at the link provided below.


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