Secular India Should Not Give Safe Exit to Narendra Modi

Kaleem Kawaja for BeyondHeadlines

In recent weeks some activists have made statements requesting Narendra Modi to consider the plight and backwardness of Indian Muslims and do something about it. That is very insulting to the 150 million Indian Muslims who have faced continual brutalities for over 30 years at the hands of BJP.

Mechanics of Narendra Modi's PR Agency: APCO Worldwide - Orchestrating our FutureIt is insulting for the entire Muslim community of Gujarat that has faced brutal deaths of 2000 Muslims, police and government brutalities for 11 years in various walks of life. Some other activists are saying that if Modi apologizes to Muslims and retires from public life Muslims will pardon him and let him rehabilitate himself in society.

Why are these activists making such statements and on whose behalf are they speaking? Narendra Modi has committed horrible crimes against humanity; he must be brought to trial before a court in India and given appropriate punishment according to the laws of the land.  Why should Modi not be tried and punished like his henchmen Maya Kodani and Babu Bajrangi? His crimes are more severe than those of these two criminals.

All over the world many oppressor rulers have been tried and punished. Hitler, Mussolini, top Nazi  generals and leaders were tried in Nurenberg at the end of WW-II and punished.  Saddam Hussain was tried and punished. President Gen. Pinochet of Chile was tried and punished. Milosevic the dictator of Yugoslavia did not get a safe exit.

Why should Modi be given a safe exit and pardon, why not he should be tried and punished like other murderers like him. The people of India did not give safe exit to Dawood Ibrahim or Tiger Memon. Sikhs did not give safe exit to those who masterminded the 1984 genocide of Sikhs. Why should we give safe exit to Modi?

The answer is that Indian Muslims and the large number of secular Hindus and the people of India will not give safe exit to Modi. We will wait and keep on banging on the doors of India’s justice system until Modi is tried in an Indian court and punished appropriately.

(Views expressed in this article is those of the author, and may not necessarily represent BH editorial policy.)


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