Take Forward Works of Shah Waliullah, OU Seminar – Hyderabad

SM Fasiullah for BeyondHeadlines
Scholars from various reputed universities and institutions discussed multifaceted personality of Islamic luminary Qutb-ud-Din Ahmad ibn Abdul Rahim (popularly known as Shah Waliullah) in their research papers presented in a two-day academic seminar from 29 to 30 June here in Osmania University (OU), Hyderabad.

OU Seminar_HyderabadJamaat-e-Islami Chief Syed Jalaluddin Umri, who presided over two sessions, enlightened scholars with his deep insights on quality and approach towards research while also advising them to particularly revisit Shah Waliullah’s life and works critically with the aim to bring new “things that were not repeated”. Maulana Umri wrote over thirty books and umpteen number of research articles from Islamic perspective.

Prof. Akhtarul Wasey from Jamia Millia Islami, who started the first session of the seminar with his keynote address, introduced  Shah Waliullah’s teachings and his service for tajdeed-e-deen in India. Then Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui, a popular dayee and Chairman of Shah Waliullah Trust, Phoolath (UP), delivered a speech on Shah Waliullah’s life and suggested scholar-participants to view Shah sb’s life from Dawah perspective.

When asked about relevance of Shah Waliullah’s teaching for the contemporary society, Prof. Abdul Moiz from MANUU’s Arabic Dept. said Maulana (Shah) sb’s teachings are relevant in all times as he talked about integration and reconciliation.

“In the our times of disagreement (among Ummah) it becomes necessary to revisit his life and study, review and propagate his works and teachings,” perceived Mr. Moiz.

Speaking to BeyondHeadlines, Prof. Abu Sufian Islahi from Aligarh Muslim University expressed that a versatile scholarly person such as Shah sb writes and says numerous things which sometimes could invite disagreement. However, the essence of Shah’s sb teachings is “integration when there’s disagreement”.

“Shah sb wants to curtail sectarian disagreements in the religion and divergence among Muslim Ummah, as well strengthen the foundations of integration and reviveijtehad while also working for the welfare of the country,” expressed Mr. Sufian.

“In order to propagate Shah sb’s teaching, intellectuals and scholars need to revisit his works to drew essence from it and then popularize it among masses through public meetings, seminars, etc.”
The purpose behind organizing this seminar was to review Shah Waliullah sb’s personality and teachings, and popularize his message (i.e. message of Islam) particularly among youth, said Dr. Shuja Uddin Qadri Aziz, a faculty at OU’s PG College of Science-Saifabad who organized the seminar.

“Shah Waliullah sb’s contribution is not only limited to the promotion of Islamic sciences, he also worked for the national integration by uniting Muslim Ummah against British rule in the country”, Dr. Quadri added.

While thanking scholars for participating in the seminar, Dr. Quadri expressed his gratitude to OU Vice Chancellor Prof. S. Satyanarayana who presided over the seminar, OU PG College of Science’s Principal Prof. T. Partha Sarthy and UGC for sponsoring the seminar.


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