RSS Plans to Divide Muslim Votes

An MP speaks his mind. The below-given is the written statement of independent Rajya Sabha MP Mr. Mohammad Adeeb, who was approached by RSS and BJP to form a Muslim party to divide the votes but he declined their offer. We are giving his full statement without interfering in it. Even grammatical mistakes were also not corrected. Here is his statement:

RSS Plans to Divide Muslim VotesI, Mohammad Adeeb, an independent Rajya Sabha MP, would like to introduce myself to this forum. When I had been elected unopposed to the parliament many BJP and RSS people had tried to woo me over and excite me into forming a Muslim party. The main person active in all these activities was Mr MJ Khan. When I used to inform them that I am not in a financially sound position to form one, they would say that funding between 5-10 crores for the cause would not be an issue. Moreover they said that the staff would also be paid salary through them.

Upon asking why I was being chosen for the cause they would say that my background- twice being elected AMU president unopposed, association with Maulana Ali Miyan, Member All India Muslim Personal Law Board, being Vice President All India Muslim Mashawarat etc- deemed me the ideal Muslim candidate that could lead the Muslims. But I saw through their viscous intentions (of splitting the minority votes) and declined their offer.

Their next target was Mr Siraj Qureshi, who happens to the be President of the Islamic Center in Delhi. They made him form a party of backward classes. But soon he also got wisened to their plan and he also backed out.

The same team with MJ Khan as an initiator then made Dr Ayub Ansari form a Muslim party by the name of Peace party with the focus on Ansari votes.

In the 2009 elections this Peace party used to do campaigning by the extensive use of helicopters and money was laundered significantly. Mr Vinod Agnihotri, a leading Hindi news daily journalist, did an expose on the funding of this party and how they were being paid to divide the Muslim vote.

The idea of bringing about this piece of information in the open is to basically inform my fellow brothers of the scheming minds in the country. There are more facts that I will keep bringing about till the time I am alive.

I would like to request you all to be alert and conscious of all such detrimental elements of our society and understand how deep rooted such communal elements have become into the secular fabric of the country.

Personally I feel that Mr MJ Khans formal announcement of joining the BJP is a welcome news because he has been working for them anyways and this move would only be able to save people from getting misguided about his loyalties.


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