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The Tail of Braids

Sangeeta Yadav for BeyondHeadlines

I actually don’t remember how young I was when I saw my mom braiding her hair; it was fascinating. In childhood we all were inspired by our moms and big girls and we desperately wanted  long hair to make a simple braid, however it was never possible that time because most of us had to attend early morning school and were thus cursed with wearing our hair short.

The Tail of BraidsSo from that period of time my tail of braid started and here I am featuring different types of braids.  When I learned braiding back in my teenage, I remembered I tied three different coloured ropes to my hair band to practice my braiding rhythm.

Braiding hair is fun, manageable while travelling, during festivals and marriage ceremony. Braiding hair is always in fashion and it doesn’t require one to be a fashionista.

“It requires minimum time and effort and gives a sleek elegant look to models . Braids are really eye catching and perfect for any season.  .” Says fashion photographer Wilmer Galeano

Most popular braids styles are listed below:

1)      Micro Braids: This is the most popular braiding style in African- American women. Micro braids include small sections of hair. Each section separated into 3 strands which are then braided in a uniform pattern.

2)      Fishtail Braids:  This tail is currently a major trend among women, teenagers, college students and celebs.  To style a fishtail braid you just have to part your hair into two even sections. Take a small strand of hair from one section and bring over to the other section.

3)      French Braid: It works best on curly or wavy hair. To make a normal French braid you just have to divide your hair into three equal sections and start braiding from the top. Pull the right section over the middle one and then pull the left over the middle. After this just keep making a regular braid.

4)      Rope Braid: This braid is new in town and can be done on rough, dry and curly hair. To make this braid you have to divide you hair into two or three sections.

Two Sections: Twist both sections separately and then twist together over each other.

Three Sections:  Just twist all three sections and braid it over each other like a normal French braid.

There are various braiding styles to make you look cute, attractive, pretty and bold. I am sure after reading this you will surely try one of them, so girls what are you waiting for? Go get yourself styled…


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