Sadiya Mubeen’s Complaint Lodged at Santosh Nagar Police Station


Inspector of Police,

Santosh Nagar Police Station.


Sub: Necessary action against Mr. Satya Prakash Singh (Owner of Canteen at TRR College,Meerpet, Ranga Reddy Dist and also the owner of Tasty Food Court,Balapur) and his associates for Kidnapping me, Keeping me in Illegal coustoday, Tourchering me, abusing my religion and rapping me continuously for 17 Months-Req-Reg.

With subject cited above it is to state that I, Miss SADIYA MUBEEN D/o Late M A Raoof,Age 20 Years student of 3rd Year Polytechnic of TRR College use to visit the College Canteen for lunch during college days along with my friends and had met the canteen owner Mr. Satya Prakash Singh many times at the canteen. On 3rd April 2012 when I was feeling not well I went to canteen to take some juice, when I ask for some juice from the said owner he gave me a drink asking about my health. After taking juice I felt giddiness and felt unconscious. When I gained conscious I found myself in a dark room and all my clothes were torn. I tried to shout for help suddenly Mr. Satya Prakash tied my hands and beat me very badly with a belt and hands and raped me which resulted in bleeding from my private parts. As it was nearly dark he locked me up in a room and went away. Next day he came again with some food packets and asked me to eat, when I refused to eat and started shouting he beat me again and forced me to eat. After some time he raped me again. The incident of keeping me in locked and raping me continued for nearly One month. When the house Owner suspected his activities he asked him to vacate the house. The said house was a flat situated at Almasguda, Meerpet, Ranga Reddy Dist.When I was shouting loud the said house owner asked him to vacate the flat.

One day he came early morning around 3:00 AM and promised me that he will leave me near my house and asked me to accompany me, He took me in a Tata Sumo Vehicle (Blue Colour) Number AP11 G 9108.After an drive of an hour he again took me forcibly to another flat Meerpet, Bala Nagar, Gayatri Nagar and inspite of my protest and shouting locked me with an help of an woman who I can identify by seeing. In the said flat also he raped me daily and use to abuse me saying that he will rape all Muslim Girls like this. He used to say that I am the fifth Muslim Girl who he has raped and killed and thrown in a river. He claimed that his father is and former Defense Employee and his brother is a Criminal Lawyer who always saves him from getting into Police net. It was around May 2012 after taking too much of alcohol he raped me and slept. As my hands were open I took his phone and called my mother and said the incident of me being tourchered.My brother who had given a complaint of missing in Police Santosh Nagar Crime No: 76/2012 went and informed the Police about the call. He didn’t come to the room for nearly for 5 days. The said lady who was kept to check me used to give me food and water from the Window. I was kept locked. Suddenly on 6th Day the said Satya Prakash Singh came in an drunken position and bet me very badly abused me and my mother and said why did I called from his mobile phone through which the police started suspecting him. After beating me badly he raped me again and said that with the intervention from the college owner Mr. Teegala Krishna Reddy (former Mayor) & TDP Leader and his Son (Owner of TRR College) he was set free by the police Santosh Nagar.One day he came along with some of his family members including his father, wife and his brother and asked me to meet me. Before meeting them he forced me to have a Tilak on my head. He showed me to the family member and said that as he is childless he has married to me and introduced me to them as Vanita.I started crying in front of his father Bhishmukh Prakash Singh (Rt Defense Employee), Brother Mr. Jayparakash Singh (Adv) and wife and said that I am a Muslim Girl and the said Satya Prakash has kidnapped me and is raping me since last 4 months. After listening me they all started laughing on me and said that all the family supports Satya Prakash when he does like this to a Muslim Girl.

Seeing me crying and shouting his wife and his father left the room keeping me with his Advocate brother. His Advocate brother beat me with a slipper and he also tried me to rape. By their beating I felt unconscious. His brother threatened me that they will kill my brother and my mother if they do not withdraw the complaint from Santosh Nagar.After some months he shifted me to a new location (3rd location) where I fell Ill and was vomiting heavily. He brought some lady to check me and the said lady said that I have got pregnant. I started crying and asked him to leave me. Promising me that he will leave me after abortion he took me to an Nursing home and asked a lady Doctor for abortion. I protested with the said Lady Doctor and the staff for carrying the abortion. The said lady Doctor did abortion on me. I was bleeding heavily.He took me to the flat. He used to harass me to satisfy him inspite of me getting aborted. He forced me to do oral sex and also forced to drink alcohol. On one day while I was crying and shouting some of the neighbors called police and informed about me. After some time Three police men came and I told everything that I am being kept illegally and being raped since many months. The Police took Satya Prakash along with him and after some hours they came back. I saw all the Police men and Satya Prakash in a drunken position. All the Police men entered and started passing comments and asked Satya Prakash to have a good rape and they left. The Police men while going away took some money from Satya Prakash.Before going the said Three Police men touched my private parts and passed bad comments against me.

On 4th Sep 2013 around 1:00 PM as usual he came to the flat fully drunk with some food packets. After taking lunch he raped me again and felt slept. AS the door was kept open I ran from his clutches and reached my home at 4:30 PM. I request yourself to take necessary action against Mr. Satya Prakash, his father, his brother, his wife, The Three flat Owners where I was kept Illegal, Tourchered and raped continuously, the Owner of TRR College who helped Mr. Satya Prakash when Santosh Nagar Police caught him, The Nursing Home and the said Lady Doctor where the abortion was done, The three Policemen who tried to molest me. Necessary action taken may be intimidated to me.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely



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