Table Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill, Urges WPI

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Welfare Party of India (WPI) has urged the government to table ‘Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill’ in its Federal Working Committee (FWC) meeting held in New Delhi.

As the world’s largest democracy is heading toward General Elections 2014, unfortunate incidents have begun happening. Communal violence and bomb blasts have time and again troubled people. It’s a right time to ask government to table the bill.

The party has expressed its anxiety over the recurrence of communal disturbances in north India, particularly recent riots in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh.

“This dangerous game and design aimed at polarizing the polity on religious and ethnic lines not only adversely affect peaceful coexistence of the people but dent the image of the nation on international level,” WPI stated in a press release.

While noting that certain political outfits intend to garner votes by instigating these riots, the party conveyed its apprehension of more such violence as the parliamentary election approaches.

WPI observed that many lives could have been saved had the bill which is stalled since 2005 been enacted. The party has strongly demanded the government to table the bill in Winter Session of Parliament.

The FWC has slammed for Congress-led government for its anti-people and pro-corporate policies, and BJP (as opposition) for its failure to check the government from passing such policies.

The party also demanded the government to solve the social and developmental issues affecting the tribes in Left Wing Extremism affected areas, and asked it to grant bail to the suspects serving in jails for years as under-trials.

In addition, the FWC had come down heavily on the UPA government for its failure in controlling inflation and price-rise. It urged the government to strengthen the PDS by ensuring availability of essential commodities.


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