Condemn Strongly the Arrest and Frame up Rajkishore Singh!

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Rajkishore Singh, the General Secretary of Revolutionary Democratic Front was today arrested from his residence in Bihar by the police and was taken to Madhuban district to be booked in a case of 2005 allegedly involving the CPI (Maoist). Rajkishore Singh, who is in his mid seventies, a leader of the people’s movements against all anti-people policies of the government had gone to his native village in Bihar after a prolonged bout of treatment—almost two months—at the AIIMS trauma centre as well as the AIIMS. As the general secretary of the Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) he has been staying in Delhi to fulfil the responsibilities bestowed on him by the organisation. The said treatment at these hospitals was being done for serious ailments to the heart and brain as he had suffered from intermittent blackouts. A couple of months before due to blackout he had had a bad fall resulting in the fracture of his jaw bone and severe internal injury in both the ears. The doctors were yet to chalk out a systematic track of treatment for the fundamental problems that had been ailing him.

Based on the advice of the doctors as well as his desire to be with his family for some time—as the doctors had advised him to take only liquid food due to severe pain in the jaw while taking solid food and the need for the fracture to get cured with little disturbance—so that proper care can be taken for his deteriorating health. To arrest and frame up someone in a case of 2005 is nothing but political vendetta and deliberate harassment of people’s leaders and activists who have dared to speak against the anti-people policies of the state. It should be noted that Rajkishore Singh was one of the prominent voices who had been protesting against the Indian State’s war on the people of the subcontinent under the garb of development. He had moved the length and breadth of the subcontinent to mobilise people against these policies of outright loot and plunder.

Further to deliberately target him when he is ailing especially with a delicate constitution of his health with the need for constant care and attendance by someone so that he should able to carry on his daily chores without trouble is proof enough to show that this state and it’s lawless police would desperately want such leaders and their political convictions to die an early death. To put Rajkishore Singh behind bars, that too with a deliberate plan to frame him up in several cases, can really endanger his health fatally, especially, at this juncture when he has serious neurological and cardiological illness.

To say the least, the police and the intelligence agencies have once violated every law in their enthusiasm to incarcerate an ailing people’s leader. Moreover with the new regime of laws pertaining to senior citizens in the Indian subcontinent it is shocking to note the apparent apathy of the police and the intelligence agencies to such legal instruments which are definite safeguards for people above sixty from being wrongly implicated by law. Of course all such laws and legal instruments have become the preserve for corrupt and criminal politicians while people’s activists and their leaders are condemned to be incarcerated by hook or crook.

It goes without saying that any serious injury to the health of Rajkishore Singh who is already critically ill will be due to such highhanded and arbitrary actions of the police and intelligence agencies. Given the new regime of laws on senior citizens the lawless police cannot get away from their responsibilities from implementing or being sensitive to the legal instruments that safeguard senior citizens in the subcontinent.

COMMITTEE FOR THE RELEASE OF POLITICAL PRISONERS demand that Rajkishore Singh be released immediately and unconditionally!


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