AAP Comes Up with Puzzle for BJP & Congress

SM Fasiullah for BeyondHeadlines

Perhaps for the first time in Indian history, two parties that have won a considerable assembly seats are not in a mood to form government. BJP has ruled out forming government in Delhi despite having majority seats, while AAP is not interested in collaborating with Congress.

In an interested development post meeting of both BJP and AAP with Delhi Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung, AAP has come up with a list of demands which it put forwarded for BJP and Congress for their due consideration.

AAP asked for the stand of the national parties on various issues before they take any decision on forming a government in Delhi.

Below are the highlights of the 18 demands that AAP has put forward in a letter to Congress President Sonia Gandhi and BJP President Rajnath Singh:

1) To stop the VIP culture in Delhi

2) To pass the Delhi Janlokpal Bill

3) To give independence of taking decisions in colonies to Mohalla Sabhas

4) To give full statehood status to Delhi

5) Auditing of Electricity companies

6) To check on the fast running electricity meters

7) Supply of 700 litres of free and clean water daily

8) Regularisation of unauthorised colonies

9) Rehabilitation of people living in slums

10) To give regular jobs to people working as contract labours

11) Give infrastructure facilities like roads, electricity, water, etc to ordinary traders

12) Opposition to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail

13) To look into the needs of the villagers

14) To improve the standard of the government schools and access to high quality of education

15) To open new government hospitals and improve  government health care facilities

16) Set up special security units for women

17) To set up courts and appoint judges to deal with cases within six months

18) To extend hands to central government for meeting all the above demands put forward

These demands, which appears to be tricky for both the national parties in consideration, gives a look and feel of “aam aadmi-ness” will only lead these parties open up or mend their ways for common men. A common man is looking forward for reply for both. Let’s see what comes out.


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