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Rethinking Republic – Moral Upliftment Needed

Bhupender Singh for BeyondHeadlines

Republic means a political order in which supreme power lies in hands of citizens who are entitled to vote for officers or people or administrators responsible to them. We have this power because of people like Netaji to Rabindranath Tagore, Sukhdev to Bhagat Singh, including Mahatma Gandhi –we call them freedom fighters. They gave up their lives and never thought about their children and wives because they loved India, their motherland.

But what about “aaj ke Hindustani” who are taking other people’s life, eating other people’s right, stealing other people’s wealth due to fulfil their own interests. Officers or administrators, to whom we select, are either already corrupt or they become corrupt the time they enter into the system because they are not here to serve there motherland but to serve their own interests.

Our forefathers fought for freedom, welfare and well being of us. But what have seen are: coal scam, fodder scam, Commonwealth Games scam, 2G spectrum scam, so on. Young generation sitting at home because of unemployment, no enough water supply and food to eat for all are among the mundane problems we are facing. Bribe and Corruption (B&C) has become a vital and essential nutrient of our politicians as it they can’t survive without vitamin B&C.

Terror attacks happen in our country and our great politicians says that “in a big country like India terrorist attacks like this is normal”. Nirbhaya rape case shows that culprits either roam free or get easier punishment after heinous crimes. All these, and many more similar problems, give a bad picture of our system that has numerous loopholes, and also clearly reflect that administrators needs much upliftment in their morals.

Our politicians hardly take vitamin A called “Agenda” of making us as superpower and we are ready to take vitamin E called “Enemy” China all its strength to enter in our area and threatening us to stay away from our own land. Though we are a republic, we have to be republic!


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