AIIM Demands Dismissal of Rakesh Maria

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New Delhi:  Association of Intellectual Indian Muslims, a Muslim think tank ,has  condemned  Maharshtra Government for the  appointment of  Mr. Rakesh Maria as Mumbai Police Commissioner on account of blatant Human Rights Violations, Rule of Law and Natural Justice.

The association’s president, Sarwar Iqbal Khan in his statement has sought immediate dismissal of  Rakesh Maria from the post of   Mumbai Police Commisioner. Maria had committed gross injustice and atrocities  on Muslims in the name of fighting  terror. It further said that Rakesh Maria had a history of Muslims bashing. In his statement Association’s president has cited few examples of the atrocities committed on Muslims during Maria’s tenure .Following are few examples.

1-      The pregnant Shabana was STRIPPED naked and forced to beat her father with slipper.

2-       Rahim Karbelkar pleading for medical aid died within hours of his admission to the JJ hospital.

3-      Putting dirty slippers in the mouth of Muslim detainees was a regular practice.

4-       Inserting chilly powder into private parts of Muslim detainees was a part of torture.

5-       Many Muslim women inmates were forced to drink their urine as water was not given to them

6-       Muslims hospitalized, were by the police on many occasions.

Association of Intellectual Indian Muslims has unanimously passed a resolution and demanded immediate dismissal of Mr. Rakesh Maria from the post of Mumbai Police Commissioner.

Congress-NCP Government in future, scan the profile of Police personnel and not appoint tainted officers in key important positions.


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