Mushtaque Ahmed Out on Bail in Aurangabad Arms Haul Case

Firdaus Jahan for BeyondHeadlines

Aurangabad arms haul case accused Mushtaque Ahmed has been granted bail after all the formalities, and he case out of the prison after 8 years. He’s the fourth accused in the case to come out on bail.

With the completion of all the documents of bail of Malegaon-Aurangabad arms haul case accused Mushtaque Ahmed Mohammad Ishaque,

Responsible persons reached at Arthur Road Jail along with Mumbai Advocate Shahid Nadeem and all necessary documents prepared at the Registrar of the Special Court, according to Abdul Malik Bakra and Haji Makki Seth form Mumbai.

After coming out of jail, Mushtaque Ahmed went directly to the Jamiat Ulama Maharashtra office in Mumbai with his father and met Gulzar Aazmi, State President Maulana Mustaqueem Ahsan Aazmi and office bearers and thanked them all.

Jamiat Ulama leader Gulzar Aazmi said that ATS registered the case against 23 Muslim youths in Aurangabad Arms Haul Case and they were badly affected in jail since 8 years. In which Mushtaque is the fourth accused whom court released at bail.

After the release of Mushtaque Ahmed at bail, he added that Jamiat Ulama Maharashtra will file the bail petition for other accused as well after consulting with their senior lawyers.


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