Underground Drainage Water Scheme of 225 Crore is Approved in Malegaon

Firdaus Jahan for BeyondHeadlines

Malegaon: Mayor Tahera Shaikh has informed to the journalists in a Press Conference in Malegaon Corporation that State government has approved the underground drainage water project. More than 229 crore amount will be spent at the 40 km lengthiest drainage water system. In which, 80% Central government, 10% State government and remaining 10% Corporation will have to pay.

This scheme will be completed in three years according to UIDSSMT. The first part of 114 crore 57 lakh 73 thousand of the scheme of this budget is achieved yesterday to the Corporation. Commissioner Ajeet Jadhav has said related to the scheme that the first week has been achieved from the Central government, and we will make tender call by the e-tendering as well as try to start the work before implementing of code of conduct.

The sanitation and the water drainage is a big problem of the city due to the dense population and slum area. It causes the spread of many hazardous diseases among the people like polio. To protect the city from these types of diseases, the underground drainage water system is very essential. Therefore the majority in the corporation, the congress and their leaders were struggling from the last two years that the underground drainage water system project should be started at any and how condition. And finally it’s approved at the recommendations of the Central Minister Kamal Nath and Manik Rao as well as due to the struggles of the former MLA Shaikh Rasheed and Aasif Shaikh Rasheed. And the 14 crore is released before the election in the first week of the project. It’s also assured to complete the project as soon as possible.


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