Gujarat Unsafe for Dalits – Upper Caste Beats Dalits

Abdul Hafiz Lakhani for BeyondHeadlines

Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP’s Prime Minister candidate Narendra Modi always speak and thunder about Gujarat Development model and all-round security of people. But situation is totally different and dubious in his Hindutva laboratory state. AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal challenged Modi on development but Modi remained silent so far, one more incident once again proves that so called development is a fake. Minorities and Dalits are still under threat and intimidation.

Under threat from upper caste community in the village, eight students of Dalit families of Tejpuri village in Sabarkantha district appeared for their ongoing board examination under police security. A police vehicle took them to their examination centre and brought them back home during from last four days. Board exams of Std. 10th and Std. 12th will be completed on 22nd March.

On the other hand, about two dozen students of primary school have shunned their classes, while their parents are forced to go to the nearest town to buy essentials under police protection as the shops owned by upper caste would not sell them anything.

This is the scene of the village where on 6 March about 20 Dalits, including children, were assaulted by a mob of 40 to 50 people, belonging to dominant Darbar community. These Dalits were coming back from a wedding when they were attacked. “We were attacked because the groom rode a horse during the wedding procession. We had been warned by the upper caste people not to do so. Can’t the grooms of our caste ride a horse during wedding,” said Alpesh Solanki, a villager. He also said that due to approaching police, the people from upper castes have stopped selling them anything.

About 30 Dalit families, living in the village, are being ostracized due to FIR lodged by the against Darbar community. So far, 14 persons have been arrested by the police while around 30 accused have left the village and are still at large.

According to Sabarkantha Superintendent of Police Chirag Koradia, after attack on March 6, there was no further disturbance in the village. He said that more than 20 policemen were posted in the village to maintain peace. Koradia added that though there was no further threat, but people from Dalit community were still apprehensive.


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