WPI to Contest for 34 Seats in Six States

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Welfare Party of India (WPI) announced that it is contesting for about 34 Lok Sabha seats in Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal and UP, in addition to negotiating with various national and regional political parties like JD (U), RMP of Kerala, AUDF etc.

Considering 16th Lok Sabha elections “very important for the country”, the party said the fate of both 16th Lok Sabha and the nation will be decided by the regional political players.

The party, which came into existence in 2008, said elections are happening at one of the nation’s worst financial crises since independence, and at a time of overt and covert operations for communal polarisations.

Recalling Muzaffarnagar incidents, WPI noted that these riots have shown how political parties play communal cards. The party said right-wing fascists are using exclusion, alienation, terrorisation and at last apology as tactics.

“Right-wing Hindutva terrorism tearing off the nation’s secular fabric of the country is neither taken seriously nor probed in right sense,” said the party in a release.

“Instead of taking head on the communal fascism, we find the Congress party dillydallying and playing soft cards. There remains very little difference between right-wing BJP and the Congress in their stands relating to economic and other domestic issues, both are pro-rich and pro-corporates.”

With its inclusive democracy, creative secularism and humane development driving forces, WPI aims to make politics free from corruption and criminals. However it provided no action plan as to how it would achieve its goal.

Moreover, the party said it aims for political empowerment and social emancipation of minorities, tribes, dalits, women who are far behind in political empowerment and do not enjoy social equality and justice.

WPI also demanded that no Indian citizen should be viewed with suspicion and put to untterable torment and fear for his religion, ethnicity, caste etc.


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