AIMMM Sends Legal Notice to Delhi BJP Leader VK Malhotra

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Ten days after formally asking VK Malhotra for ‘a clear apology’ on his defamatory remarks about Jamia Nagar and Batla House localities, All India Muslim Majlise Mushawarat (AIMMM) sent legal notice to him.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader from Delhi, VK Malhotra had trigged a controversy when he called South Delhi localities of Jamia Nagar and Batla House as “dens of terrorist”. Over these remarks, he was earlier demanded an apology, and informed of legal action he if fails to apologize.

AIMMM, the apex body of India Muslim organizations, issued a legal notice yesterday through Advocate Durga Manyu Gupta after waiting more than a week to receive an apology from VK Malhotra.

In its notice, AIMMM told VK Malhotra that “you have made these statements with criminal intent to promote enmity between different groups on ground of religion, community, place of birth, residence, etc., and to incite acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony, and you have intentionally insulted, and thereby given provocation to common people, intending and knowing it to be likely that such provocation will cause such persons to break the public peace, or to commit other offences. As such, your acts of making and publicising the aforesaid defamatory, malicious and provocative statements are offences under law”.

The legal notice further told Mr. Malhotra that “your aforesaid statements have caused immense and irreparable damage to the reputation of an entire locality, its residents, its co-religionists as well as such other localities and their residents throughout the country. The damage caused is beyond calculation in term of money.”

In addition, AIMMM asked Malhotra to tender an unconditional public apology, particularly to the residents of Jamia Nagar and publicize the same on an equal scale. AIMMM threatened VK Malhotra of a legal action if he fails to comply with the aforesaid demand.

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