Educated Youth in Hyderabad Goes for AAP, Likely to Vote for Honest Person

BeyondHeadlines Staff Reporter

Election in world’s largest democracy already started earlier this month. At one side political parties are busy in campaigning using all possible means including the powerful mass media. On the other, people who are voters seem to be doing their own homework before reaching a final decision to vote.

Minorities are the point of discussion whenever there are elections. In particular, Muslims as a vote bank is often debated. Every other party appears to woo minorities. Some parties are going much ahead in their speeches to invoke some of the sensitive issues/symbols to polarize minorities or may be majority communities too.

In such a complex scenario, educated youth from Muslim community in Hyderabad have analyzed the political situation in their own way and decided on interestingly diverse parties, ranging from Hyderabad’s strong party All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) to recent comers such as Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Welfare Party of India (WPI).

S. Fuzail Hussain, a student from IIIT Hyderabad, said he wanted an to end to ‘kamma’, ‘kapu’, ‘minority’, ‘reddy’ kind of politics in the state. He felt that AAP was a good alternative, but expressed disappointed as AAP was not contesting from the constituency he belongs.

“I really looked up to JP as a strong force in AP against muscle and money politics but his recent comments regarding alliances with BJP are disturbing,” said Hussain.

“This election is very important as the results will teach us either of two things. If NaMo wins what it all says is no matter how dark is ones past (one be a rioter, hate monger) all it needs is false claims of development with good PR machinery to at least delude the voter and if secular parties win (read as AAP has its way) then Jantaa Jaag Gayi Hai Ab.”

An engineering student from Hyderabad, Syed Hameed Uddin Quadri apparently doesn’t like any party, but keeping in view issues taken up by various political parties in the state he thinks Welfare Party of India will become favorite as they are striving for Value-based politics and more.

“Malik Motasim Khan should be leader as there is the need of a leader who is work for welfare of the state not for himself or for his region alone,” Mr. Quadri added.

“Next PM should neither be from Congress (hidden fascist) nor from BJP (known fascist), and any other capable person should become.”

Osama Faizuddin, an M. Tech student from CBIT Hyderabad, considers AAP has his favorite party despite the fact that there’s not much work of the party here in the state.

He said he will check the history of the candidates contesting for MLA and MP before casting his vote. While hoping for Arvind Kejriwal to become PM of India, he believes that AK is the man who can not only save India from criminals and burglars but also call them to account for their doings!

When asked about no AAP wave, he agreed that there is no such vibrant AAP wave here, but he decided this election whoever he might be voting to should belong to an honest party, no problem if they lose! “As long as I am voting for the right party I see it as my vote being counted,” he confidently expressed.


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