Businessman Robbed ‘Rs 23 Crore’ on ‘Teen Patti’ Mobile Game

By Akela 

A 52-year-old Mumbai based businessman was robbed of Rs 23 Crore (chips) in ‘Teen Patti’ game being play on mobile phone. Last week on a mid-night a Gujarat based girl robbed Rs 23 crore (chips). This is not the story of only a single businessman; we can say that now India is in grip of Teen Patti gambling.

What happened?

According to businessman the girl sent him flower. Later offered for friendship. Adopting sweet talk idea slowly-slowly she asked his password. As the businessman told his password a little later girl went missing with Rs 23 crore (chips).

“Initially I was felt shameful. But, now I have decided to approach Commissioner of Police complaining about Teen Patti game. I want to save minors, students and women,” said businessman.

What is Teen Patii game or chips?

The Teen Patti game had been introduced in abroad and was brought more than four months back in India. It has become much popular among minor, youth, middle aged men, women and students. All of them are busy in playing Teen Patti game (gambling) on mobile phone. This game is an addiction among people of different age group. Earlier, it was only college students who were into it but now, it appears that the game has successfully crossed that age barrier and managed to get even older aged folks addicted to it.

The Teen Patti game’s headquarter is in Gujarat. It was banned for some time there for unknown reason but started soon.

Easily available registration   

It is available for free on Google Play. Starting the app is easy. The registration can be done easily using a Facebook ID.

The motivation for players is that to some extent, real money is also involved in this game. The popularity and addictiveness of this game is so much, that people are willing to spend real money to get some in-game chips. The players are spending up to Rs 5,000 in exchange of 1 Crore in-game chips. The players have to buy game-chips available only abroad. Players have to pay through credit card. If you buy game-chips of Rs 1, 00,000 it means you have credited Rs 120, similar on Rs 10, 00,000- Rs 620 and Rs 1 crore – Rs 5,000.

If player downloads game first time he gets gift of Rs 10,000 game-chips free. If player plays after 12am in mid-night he gets Rs 5,000 to Rs 50,000 bonus points. As game starts a girl distributes Patti (playing cards) and player gives tip to her.

Where is cheating?

As this game is totally gambling but many of them have fake IDs especially created for playing Teen Patti. They steal chips and later sell to it to players. Stolen chips are easily available in Ulhasnagar too.

The reporter saw a game between Ashish Parmar and Chahat Walia.

The businessman told ABI that more than Rs 1, 00,000 crore per day is turnover of this Teen Patti game in all over India.

Officials speaks

“We have taken action on club and video parlor but I am not aware about this Teen Patti game on mobile phone. If found complaints/details will take action,” said Mahesh Patil, spokesperson, Mumbai Police. (Courtesy:


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