Hyderabad’s EFLU Rusticates Three Students, Invites Students Anger

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Hyderabad’s English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) has invited infamy and students anger in recent times, especially from the student community of the university and various students organization for its anti-students measures and non-democratic practices in the campus. Latest among the series of such incidents is the rustication of three of its students. All recent infamous moves were taken by the university administration headed by EFLU VC Prof. Sunayana Singh.

Students and different organizations have termed the suspension of students as “undemocratic” and “autocratic action”. The city chapter of Students Islamic Organization of India, a powerful national students organization that promotes campus activism and advocates for democratic atmosphere in campuses across India, strongly condemned the suspension of three EFLU students – two PhD students Mohan Dharvat and Satish Nainala were suspended for four semesters and one MA student Subash for two semesters.

The organization said it students have every democratic right to protest and agitate against the wrong decisions of authorities and for this reason university authorities should not take such severe unilateral actions against the individual students.

“This is completely undemocratic for the university authorities to suspend the students without any prior notice or consultations,” SIO noted in a press release.

City President of SIO Hyderabad, Layeeq Ahmed Khan expresses the solidarity with the student community of EFLU and condemns the authorities’ action of suspension of above mentioned students.

“SIO believes that these autocratic actions of the authorities against the students will damage their career and will leave bad repercussions for the constructive students’ activism in the Indian campuses.

“SIO demands the immediate rollback of suspension orders from the university authorities and to restore the environment of free democracy, trust and healthy fabric of the campus.”

Also refer below a pamphlet circulated by EFLU student organizations (TSA, DABMSA, PDSU, SIO & MSF)

Rustication of Three Students-A Cowardly Revengeful Act by the Corrupt Casteist V.C, Prof. Sunayana Singh and her Gang

With the latest act of rusticating three students; Mohan Dharavath, Satish Nainala and Subash, the EFLU brahminical castiest feudal administration has once again proved that the university is not meant for students to get educated but it is only for a handful of cruel academic politicians to loot in the name of contracts, scams, and cutting down various welfare schemes for students and for anti-student ruling.

By March 11, it was almost a week since the reading was closed without giving any prior notice with a viable reason and also showing no alternative. Democratically elected student council took up the issue as even they were also not consulted for any discussion in this regard and started the agitations demanding the opening of the only reading room on the campus. After various measures of peaceful democratic modes of protest like giving request letters to VC, holding talks with so-called student friendly administration turned faculty members, peaceful rallys on campus and so on, the students has called for ‘occupy library.’ When the exams where nearing the students around 2000 with limited space on the campus to study as the campus is geographically is very confined had to take the decision of occupy reading room to study continuously for 24 hours. The cunning administration on the day of protest without any information and intimation has closed down the library. When students came to know this they were agitated at the cruel and cheap politics played by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Sunayana Singh. Agitated students in hundreds under the leadership of Student Council have gathered in front of the library demanding the administration to open the library.

The students were not allowed to enter the library and as usual were given no response by the administration as to why the library has been closed down. When a large mass of students saw some of the library staff coming out from the closed library got agitated and tried to go into the library. Then with large mass of students being there the fragile glass door was broken. These three students Mohan Dharavath, a president of Dalit Aadivaasi Bahujan Minority Students’ Association, Satish Nainala, General Secretary of Telangana Students’ Association and Subash on behalf of Democratic Students Front were present expressing solidarity with the protest lead by Student Council.

In connection to this, the university administration has already filed a case in the police station against the rusticated students for which they have already given a reply to the Police Station, Osmania University. The cruel administration when realized that their ploy did not work at police level went a step backwards and started investigation secretly with the gang of Brahminic academic goons as committee members. The so-called committee, when it was constituted and when it conducted enquiry still remains a top secret within this gang which was never published on any notice board nor intimated to none of the affected students. Even now nobody knows what the committee report is and what its rationale for coming to such a conclusion? All of a sudden when the large mass of students started leaving, the administration cunningly disclosed this decision of rusticating the students as to receive no huge resistance.

We condemn the decision of rusticating these student activists who have been very active in exposing the crores of scams by Vice Chancellor, Prof. Sunayana Singh which was proven in the recently published CAG report and resisting the undemocratic and anti-student policies of administration starting from increase in fees, cutting down welfare policies of students, and the brutal repression unleashed by the feudal administration on various occasions by using police force. This act is motivated by revenge by the administration as the university administration had already illegally filed number of fabricated and false cases against these students particularly Mohan Dharavath and Satish Nainala. They have been issued number of show cause notices on baseless allegations. These two students have been also been in the news recently opposing the unconstitutional cutoff marks that was illegally imposed by the university administration which restricts the entry of students particularly from SC, ST, OBC and Minority backgrounds.

Prof. Sunayana Singh from the time when she was appointed as VC of EFLU has been involved in these kinds revengeful and undemocratic and anti student activities by filing fabricated cases and targeting agitating students. Students who have been in the fore front questioning the crores of corruption and the non-secular and castiest practices of the administration headed by Prof. Sunayana Singh has been targeted and rusticated. If the administration rusticates three students for an allegedly act of breaking glass worth of may be some thousand rupees what disciplinary act should be initiated against Prof. Sunayana Singh for her crores of scams; For violation of Constitutional democratic norms; For designing anti-student in particular anti-SC, ST, OBC and minority student policies; For compelling students to suicides?

This decision is illegal, and stabbing the spirit of democracy and justice. This reveals anti-students, anti-SC, ST, OBC and Minority students, and upper caste feudal nature of VC and her gang. VC’s unilateral decision shows that VC is taking decisions as though the university is her own feudal estate. Taking a disciplinary action when a case on the same incident is already registered with police shows how VC and the Proctorial board is turning anti-constitutional.

We demand

1. Immediate withdrawal of rustication of students; Mohan Daravath, Satish Naianala, and Subash.

2. Remove Prof. Sunayana Singh from VC post and constitute a CBI probe into her illegalities and financial crimes that are disclosed by CAG report.

3. Arrest Prof. Sunayana Singh for harassing SC, ST, OBC and Minority students.

In this regard, we urge to the university community that VC, Prof. Sunayana Singh not only attacked the students, but teachers, and non-teaching staff too. This witch hunting would never end unless we resist. Our resistance is for our survival, for our rights and self respect and to safe guard the democracy. In our fight against the brahmincal, feudal, anti-student administration we request our student friends, teachers, democrats on the campus to join our struggle to democratize the university campus and secure our rights.

TSA, DABMSA, PDSU, SIO & MSF — with UDSF JNU and 19 others.


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