All Religion Sadbhavna Delegation to Visit Saharanpur on 14 August

A delegation of “Sadbhavna Dal” that will include people of all religion, youth peace activists and senior Gandhians will tour Saharanpur in UP, which saw communal clashes in recent times. Sadbhavna Dal will visit Saharanpur on 14 August 2014. According to Ravi Nitesh, the day long program at Saharanpur will include distribution of pamphlets to spread message of humanity, harmony, unity on the road; singing peace songs and march on the roads of Saharanpur, and meeting with victim families. – Editor

Press Release:

Saharanpur is a place that is situated in U.P. and not far away from New Delhi. Recently this place witnessed communal violence started from a land dispute between Sikh and Muslim community and this incident affected the normal life of the area. Few persons have been killed, many injured and curfew was imposed for many days.

Such incidents damage the social harmony of society, affect the normal life and do irrepairable loss of humanity. Regardless of religion of people who have been killed, we feel that it is only humanity and human to faced this loss. We feel that we cannot differentiate the pains of families whose persons have been injured in this incident. We also feel that it is only our unawareness and over excitement to take part in such clashes and making loss of God’s own creation (human) on the name of God.

Now, when the social harmony is in danger, we feel that as a concerned citizen of this country and as a human being, we have responsibility to do whatever we can as per our capability to spread the message of peace, love and harmony.

Gandhi Global Family, Mission Bhartiyam and INSAAN International Foundation along with other organizations are hereby proposed to visit Saharanpur along with 20 member (approx) delegation.


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