Former Osmania VC Inaugurates ‘Hyderabad Youth Mirror’ Magazine

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Dedication, commitment, hard work and honesty to the core is the way to for youth to realize their dream, said former vice chancellor Prof. Suleman Siddiqi during launching ceremony of Hyderabad Youth Mirror.

While appreciating the HYM team for their crucial task of guiding youth to right path, he advised students to choose courses from sciences and social sciences to pursue higher studies, and asked them not confine themselves to a few professional degrees. He also lamented that Muslims are in fewer numbers in research in the country.

The new quarterly English magazine, launched at an event organized at Pottisriramulu Telugu University in Nampally, Hyderabad, is meant for youngsters. It addresses issues concerning college-goers and youth, and stirs their emotions to do good and abstain from bad & evil.

The quarterly magazine is a brain-child of Dr Ahmed Siddiqi, a Cardiology Consultant and S M Fasiullah, a Delhi University alumnus and freelance journalist.

Dr Ahmed Siddiqui said being responsible citizens they would like to work towards welfare of the society, focusing particularly on moral and intellectual development of youth.

“This magazine is one of the many not-for-profit initiatives we have planned for the community welfare. We hope to receive a positive feedback to move on,” he said.

Founding Editor of HYM, SM Fasiullah said the magazine was one of the numerous initiatives required to inspire youth and make them good human beings and valuable asset of the society.

“Our aim is to inspire youth to acquire morals & ethics, and also reinforce sense of responsibility towards fellow human beings,” he added.

The team at HYM comprises Dr Ahmed Siddiqui, S M Fasiullah, Darvesh Hameeduddin Shahid, Khalid M Raza. Prof. Suleman Siddiqi, Mr. Nazimuddin Farooqui and Dr. Amber Haque are advisors to the magazine.

A few of the community welfare activities planned by the team were: establishing schools to impart primary and secondary education, establish libraries and reading rooms, set up social and adult educational centers, establish an orphanage and industrial schools, organize health camps and provide health services for poor.


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