Implement Educational Policies Effectively, Demands SIO

SM Fasiullah for BeyondHeadlines

National president of Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) Ashafaq Shareef said better implementation of educational policies is mandatory for improvement in educational standards.
Taking a note of student community’s issues in newly formed Telangana State, he said those exist and SIO would want to see it addressed properly so that the new state may find no hurdles in making itself the leader in education other sectors.

He said this while addressing a press conference on September 6 in Hyderabad, as part of the organization’s national caravan of peace and freedom. He appealed students to join the cause and be part of SIO, which works for better access to education and builds it on the lines of moral standards and ethical values.

PR Secretary of SIO Hyderabad, Farhan Sumbul said through its all forms of democratic and peaceful activities, the organization promotes students to adopt value based education, pressurizes policy makers to devise student friendly educational policies, and demands the government for the better implementation of healthy educational policies.

“SIO also feels that campuses are the laboratories of democracy for the students. Students should be allowed and promoted to actively participate in the student politics to strengthen the democratic fabric of the campuses. This organization expresses the apprehensions of undemocratic ramifications in the country on suppression the student’s freedom and damages to the democratic culture of its campuses” he added.

In its press release, SIO said it wants to draw the attention of students, parents, civil societies and government institutions towards following issues:

  1. The current academic year is the new academic year of the newly born state. All stake holders of education especially civil society and government should focus more on providing quality education. Innovation and research oriented study should be promoted among students community of this state.
  2. SIO expresses great satisfaction with the some new initiatives of state government to promote entrepreneurship among students by starting the incubation scheme. This scheme if well implemented will help students to enhance their entrepreneur skills and help the state economy grow. When India’s large proportion is youth then skill development of youth must be the agenda of governments.
  3. State government should make the image of Hyderabad as the research and innovation capital of India.
  4. SIO feels that there is very sad trend of decline of student’s interest in humanities as this does not promises high paying lucrative jobs immediately after completion of studies. Subjects of humanities are always the back bone of civilizational development of any society. Government should devise some policies which should encourage students to take up the humanities with enthusiasm. Government should start more society and cultural research centers in the state to study the art, culture and civilization of Telangana state, and to promote harmony and peace in the region.
  5. According to some recent media reports, state government is mulling over modifications in the syllabus of social science subjects in the state text books. SIO urges the government and educationists involved to make the subject of social studies more inclusive which should educate the students to understand different communities and religions in the state and country and promote them to create and maintain amicable societal relations.
  6.  Recent studies show that there is a serious dearth of toilets facilities in the government schools and that is cited as the major cause of school dropouts, especially of adolescent girl students. State government should rope in corporate sector to take up the tasks of providing toilet facilities in the schools which lack it.
  7. Urdu is the official language of Telangana, but to our great dismay according to the survey of DISE (District Information System on Education) which was abstracted by SIO, hundreds of schools have large number of seats for Urdu teachers vacant. DISE information has stated that there is a requirement of 1,161 secondary grade teachers across districts and 765 school assistants. Of these, a staggering 720 schools have only one teacher for more than 30 students. Incidentally, the MPPS Urdu Medium School, Utnoor in Adilabad district stands as an example of the government’s lack of interest in strengthening Urdu mediums schools, as a staggering PTR of one teacher for 175 students was noted here. Further, the Government Primary School Achireddy Nagar in Bahadurpura mandal in Hyderabad district stood with the highest PTR of one teacher for 74 students. SIO demands the state government to fill the serious gap of Pupil Teacher Ratio in Urdu medium schools as per the RTE norms.
  8. Recently state government has conducted grand survey of the households. SIO feels that the survey should be properly utilized by the government agencies to provide the students needs such as scholarship grants and other educational aids. State government must continue the fee reimbursement to the poor students of professional courses as astonishing fee structure of private engineering and medical colleges are hampering the poor students to take up professional courses.
  9. Women safety is major issue of present time. SIO again reiterates the demand of providing RTC buses for girl students during the morning and evening hours to make their travelling hassle and tease free.
  10. SIO raises its serious apprehension of communally loaded ideas at work behind the so called ‘Indianisation’ of education. SIO term it as the saffronisation of education which must be stopped by the central government. Saffronisation of education is an ill conceived idea of imposing majoritarian ideology over the plural society. SIO demands that the secular fabric of this country must be upheld and the text books should develop scientific temperament among the students and not the prejudices.

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