Gujarat Muslims Lash Out at Imam Bukhari on Son’s Anointment

Abdul Hafiz Lakhani for BeyondHeadlines

Delhi’s Jama Masjid’s Shahi Imam throws his hat in political ring using Gujarati Muslims and 2002 riots against PM Nardendra Modi for his own political agenda. Actually, this Imam alias thug has already lost confidence of 200 million Muslims in India. Imam uses his son’s Dastar Bandi occasion to cement his foot once again in Muslims, but Gujarati Muslims feel otherwise about him.

Imam’s recent immature act where he snubbed Prime Minister Narendra Modi was both shocking and surprising. Shocking, because he didn’t invite own Prime Minister to attend the occasion of formal announcement of his successor and rather urged Pakistani premier to grace the occasion. He should know that Modi is Prime Minister of whole country not only of Hindus or Muslims.

He said that Modi has yet not won the confidence of minority community. Imam of Jama Masjid Bukhari said no to Narendra Modi, and yes to Nawaz Sharif, he noted: “I have invited several Indian and foreign political leaders for attending the anointment ceremony of my son.”

“Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has also been invited, but I have not sent invitation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as Muslims have not forgiven him for the Gujarat riots. It is not a personal fight. He does not like us and we do not like him”, Bukhari said on Thursday.

His nineteen-year-old son Shaban Bukhari has been chosen to succeed his father as the 14th Shahi Imam of Delhi’s Jama Masjid. He will be anointed as the ‘Nayab Shahi Imam’ (Vice Imam) at a ceremony on November 22 which will be attended by around 1,000 religious leaders from across the world.

It is being said that Imam is trying to come into the media limelight after his call to support Congress was out-rightly rejected by Muslims in the Lok Sabha election. He had pledged to support Congress which was routed by BJP led troops. If Muslims would really have followed him the Congress must had got more number of seats in contrast to humiliating debacle.

If Imam cares so much for Muslims why he never talks about their education, growth and development and overall prosperity. What he has done for their uplifting over the years. But the truth is he doesn’t want Muslims to grow. It is because he knows that once it will happen they can’t be remote controlled.

Gujarat BJP leader Asifa Khan clearly told that in Islam there is no concept of dynasty about Imamat. So this is totally un-Islamic appointment of his son. When Pakistan always remains at loggerhead with India, is there any morality to invite its premier Nawaz Shariff, she questioned. If Indian Muslims have soft corner for Nawaz Shariff, it is very unpleasant, unwarranted and unethical attitude, she lamented.

Vadodara based social activist, educationist and businessman Zuber Gopalani said that Shahi Imam Bukhari is known for changing sides for his own benefit. He has not considered about community any time. When an enemy country is attacking us. Prime Minister of that country is our enemy may him be our brother but India first. He invited a controversy which could have been avoided.

Unluckily non-Muslim world see him as our spokesperson. But in reality no Muslim consider him as a Muslim leader. He should restrict himself in religious activities only. Next generation do not want such leaders to be a face of the community. He could have invited any head of Muslim country other than Pakistan. He has put entire Muslim community in shame. He could have invited heads of all schools of thought. But he is a person who wants cheap publicity at the cost of Muslim’s integrity. Imam should know that his friend is the head of enemy country.

Famous political thinker, social activist and former professor of M.S. University, Dr. J.S. Bandukwala. clearly told that Imam Bukhari has complicated our relations with Modi. They were already bad, now they may be worse. Modi reacts to insults very strongly. Especially as the Imam wants to invite the Pakistan PM. My opinion of these Shahi Imams is poor. They have played politics for years. I wish they would devote their efforts to help the poor people living in the vicinity of Delhi Jama Masjid.

All India Milli Council Gujarat Chapter President Mufti Rizwan Tarapuri said that Imam’s decision is not in “good taste”. “I personally feel it is not in good taste. Of course, it is his prerogative whom to invite and whom not but if he is trying to do it in the name of Muslims, he must understand that when he is inviting other political leaders, especially Nawaz Sharif, he should have extended invitation to our prime minister as well else he should not have invited Nawaz Sharif either,” he said.

“The latest provocative statements of Imam Bukhari have once again exposed him as a mindless and cynical self-proclaimed Muslim leader, who has played a big and damaging role in alienating the Muslims from the mainstream,” said JUH leader and Mufti Farid Qawi of Jambusar.

Rajkot based social activist Farook Abdulgaffar Bawani favored Imam Bukhari about his stand on Gujarat 2002 riots. He told that Modi was the CM in that fateful event in Gujarat. He was not invited for this reason. Any peace loving and neutral person will agree with Bukhari. We must praise Bukhari for his bold stand. Mr. Bawani further said that any minister of Modi government must not be invited in the ceremony as this is RSS backed Modi government.


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