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Haryana State, New Government and Muslims!

Haryana is the only state where the Muslims were largely affected and still living with the same old un-civilized/un-natural customs and believes.

Mohammad Asif Iqbal for BeyondHeadlines

Time heals wounds because circumstances & situation changes and also they start fading and if it’s not then it’s due to the lack of concerns, planning by the affected. People of Haryana native are also surrounded by the similar social problems since independence. Change, if any, observed is not on the basis of social or cultured change but materialistic only.

Colossal Malls, modern construction, Hi-tech Road networks, and modern dresses can be seen, but when we try to recognize the truth behind these beauties, modern development and urban glamour we see the 1000 year old and uncivilized culture is still reining in all around Haryana which does suit in a civilized society. In this scenario if we look at the Muslims (who make up only 6% of the population) regarding their problems then it is very complicated to solve at least in the near future.

As per the 2011 census, population of Haryana at this time is 253, 53,081 in which there are only 877 females against 1000 male and on the other side female child ratio was 861:1000.In 2001 this ratio increased to 964:1000.The intellect is nothing but the fatal death before birth, abortion, disrespect against female & female children and considering their upbringing a liability.

As a result of lots of crimes like prostitution, trafficking, rapes etc. against women are frequently making the news of daily newspapers. Also the other consequences of this un-natural ratio is the ever-growing dowry system, undue pressure on society/parents, unnecessary marriage customs, burning alive of brides on getting lesser dowry etc. etc. Sexual exploitation by rich family’s youngsters, flow of black money in society has also wrecked the women respect in the society. Incidents among poor sections of the society like sharing of brides/one woman within brothers of same family are also observed.

One of the main reasons of this un-natural birth ratio is prevailing GOTRA in Haryana and its strong following or implementation. There are about 10500 GOTRAS in JAT society only and Girl & Boy cannot get married within any of the 10500 Gotras. Normally all matters related to GOTRAs are discussed & addressed in a “KHAP Panchayat” where not only such couple are given Death punishment but these sentences are get implemented too by these Khaps Panchayats. Some times before, there was a very abnormal judgment by a Khap Panchayat came in news in which the newly coupled was ordered to live like brother & sisters because both girl and boy were belonged to the same Gotra.

Now these Panchayats are demanding an amendment in the constitution of India to ban the marriage in a same GOTRA and Village. In spite of all this, it is surprised that no political party in Haryana can dare to raise such issue against Khap.

Along with all these concerns and the society as a result of these problems, Muslims of the state too are another main concern. These Muslims are still affected by the “Shudhi” movement which is known as “Murtad” in Sharia’s point of view. This Shudhi movement belongs to Swami Dyanand Sarswati. Shudhi means Hygiene/Pakizgi which no one can deny, however the movement Shudhi was meant to return all those group/society back to adopt Bhartiya Sanskiriti.

The movement Shudhi was started from Bengal through Hindu fairs/Melas and sometime these Melas got turned into agitation. Hindu youngsters were started teaching fighting with Sward/lathis. Rashtrya Swayemsewek Sangh (RSS) came into form by Keshaw Beliram Hegwer (1940-1889) in 1925 after Arya Samaj Movement. After that Sadashiv Rao Golwerker and Balashaheb Deveras took over to give systematic changes to teach Martyrdom and this model was started accepting rapidly.

Hindu sabhas were formed before Hindu fairs/Melas and in 1922 Hindu Maha Sabhas came into forms out of these Hindu Sabhas.In 1923 the Hindu ideology came in public by V D Sawarker and as per this ideology, Hindu is one who accept Putrabhumi (land of Forefathers) and Punya Bhumi (Sacred/Holy land).Those who gone away from Hinduism must accept this ideology for India and give full respect to Bharat Mata and its sanskriti.

There were no condition for the followers of religions who founded on Indian land like Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism etc. but the followers of religions who came from outside India were considered out of Indian Culture or Bhartya Sanskiriti. Vir Sawarker became the head of Hindu Maha Sabha and his ideology became mandatory for its Prachareks/workers and this system is still going on.

Haryana is the only state where the Muslims were largely affected and still living with the same old un-civilized/un-natural customs and believes. The day today life style of Muslims in the state (including customs, rituals, social matters, their day nights etc.) is not in any way different from non-Muslims. These Murtadin are totally unaware or unknown of the basic information of Islam. Their information/knowledge about Namaz, Roza (and other Sharia concerns of death & births) is still at the same level. No one is easily available for the Prayer of Last-Namaz when any one expires in the area. These Muslims which are equally suffering from education, unemployment and surviving on petty jobs/daily labour are due to the ignorance attitude of Muslims Society in general.

Currently the BJP’s Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Lal Khattar has started working now. Mr. Khattar is a RSS leader who is serving silently for the last 40- years and that is the reason that he has got the position of a sincere and hard core worker and now leader in the BJP.

Sixty years old Mr. Khattar was an aspirant of a Doctor and known for his management capabilities. He is un-married and spent his last 40-years in the service of RSS. For the first time he is elected as MLA and for the first time he becomes the CM too. It’s a long journey from the RSS-Pracharak to Chief Minister of a State. Now it is to be seen that how new CM and his cabinet handle lot of pre-existing problems of the state. On the other hand it is also to be seen that how this new Government proves to be in favor of affected Muslims and its new generation which is trying to understand the Islam? Because the followers are now in Full Power who started their movement of “Shudhi” in 1925.

(This article was originally written Urdu language. It is translated by: Mr. Nasir)


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