Tahreek-E-Urdu: Need of Online Media in Urdu

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There’s need of online media in Urdu language, says a member of Tahreek-E-Urdu in a recent general meeting held in Takiya Jamaal Shah, Danapur, Patna. Local activists of the movement and Urdu lovers participated in the 15 November meeting.

People gathered in the newly built community hall of the Mazaar Jamaal Shah to listen the speakers describing the importance of Urdu in modern India and the losses society and nation is facing by ignoring Urdu language.

Tahreek -E- Urdu came into existence few years back in Patna under the leadership of social activist and senior journalist Mohammad Kamaluzzafar who worked decade back as the Editor of Qaumi Awaaz, Patna edition.

After its foundation the movement is regularly struggling for the right of Urdu language, its implementation in government bodies & schools and for popularising it among the masses.

Speaking on the occasion Kamlauzzafar said that the Urdu language is language of Unity in diversity. It gives space to every language to gift its words to Urdu vocabulary and Urdu accepts the words of other languages with full flexibility and comfortibilty. Urdu is the language of Secularism, culture and respect. Urdu is the tool which can promote the spirit of Indian Constitution.

Speaking on the occasion Mohammad Kashif Yunus, Advocate , Patna High Court and member of the central executive of Tahreek-E-Urdu congratulated the gathering for building such a well arranged community hall in a small suburb locality of Patna.

He also showed satisfaction on increasing numbers of Urdu Daily in Patna. But at the same time urged on focusing on the need of online media in Urdu Language.

He asked the young in the gathering to use the Urdu language on social media platforms, to make pages and groups in Urdu. Also to develop regular news websites in Urdu Language.

He also announced that very soon Tahreek-E-Urdu will start a state level campaign for availability of science and social science books in Urdu medium in all schools run by Bihar government.

Arif Ansari, Syed Makhdul, Kamal Pandey also spoke on the occasion.

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