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TS Government to Act Tough Against P0rn0graphy

The Telangana Government is seeking help of IT experts and ethical hackers to control the spread of p0rn0graphy.

Information Technology Minister K Tarakarama Rao on Saturday held a meeting at Cyberabad Commissionerate with the senior police officials, IT experts and top ethical hackers to discuss the issue. It is proposed to conduct a ‘Porn Hackathon’ within three weeks by top ethical hackers which will lead to throwing up of several ideas and Apps to achieve this objective. The role of ISPs (internet service providers), the education and awareness campaign over the visual, print and social media to be carried out and the implementation of the IT Act were also discussed in depth in the meeting.

The IT Minister informed that Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao was highly concerned on the issues relating to women and child safety. The government had also set up the Poonam Malakondaiah Committee which studied the issue in depth and came up with several recommendations regarding women and child safety.

One of the issues plaguing and compromising the safety and security of women and children is the extensive transmission and viewing of child p0rn and general p0rn0graphy. Therefore, the IT Minister discussed in detail the intention of the State Government and the steps need to be taken to control transmission and viewing of child p0rn to start with and p0rn in general.

IT Secretary Harpreet Singh, Cyberabad Commissioner CV Anand, Home Secretary Soumya Mishra, Ramesh Ranganathan of HYSEA, Priya of NASSCOM and other senior officials attended the meeting. (Courtesy:

Side Effects of Pornography:

870cd1781e036d32e35cecedc50551d2It is not about right and wrong, the p0rn0graphy is dangerous! P0rn0graphy has life-devastating effects on its consumers. It screws relations, and puts loved ones at receiving end. It creates unnatural bond with artificial world. P0rn0graphy use has many serious negative side effects, such as: a) it creates unnatural emotional bond with artificial world; b) it erases intimacy from sex; c) it makes sex unsatisfying; d) it triggers addiction cycle in brain; d) it is great deception; e) it makes you always hungry (addiction), etc.

Stop pornography, before it completely ruin you!


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