First time on Republic Day Parade- American President`s Exclusive Treatment

Rakesh Manchanda for BeyondHeadlines

Global press calls this visit the beginning of a New Era of Goodwill.

“The Beast”, along with the armoured car, with 4 US Airforce planes and countless security supported with K-9 and other personnel arrived in Delhi. This is first time any American President will attend Republic Day Parade.

Indian common man stands amused as to why there President Obama instead of sharing same oxygen with President Pranab Mukherjee at Rajpath will be on artificial exclusive supply via special masks. Use of breathing oxygen exposes and teases the myth behind the Modi Clean India Movement.


Anyhow PM Modi is back from Foreign tours.

High court correctly demands Government to explain as to there are no safety for Common Citizen whereas there are 15000 CCTVs for the safety of President Obama

As per Secret Service Agent updates and media reports, 20,000 gallons of breathable air has been brought by an American Navy ship to the Mumbai port from where it will be transported to Delhi via a highly-guarded tanker. President Obama will sit beside President Pranab Mukherjee wearing a specially designed gas mask connected to a cylinder of American air, while Secret Service agents will take positions at specific vantage points around the VVIP enclosure armed with guns and Air Pollution Meters,” the Secret Service Agent added.

Allow me to help rewind your memories to the past American Presidents From Bush Senior, Bush Junior and Obama which may help us to understand the foundation of US-India relations.

Nothing much changed in Goodwill exchange except that US negotiation during visit, stay, security and cooperation is more costly and more serious with terror threat than before. International Press puts it simple  that issues such as trade, counter-terror,` Pakistan safe terror heaven`, climate change will be discussed while differences with regard to the 2005 Civil Nuclear Agreement could lead a deadlock.


Replace K-9 (detective US dog squad) news value during last visit of President Obama now with Perfume bottles and Oxygen tanks with mock safety drills and it will be an updated show with no visible results so far.

Business visits of American presidents is all about  unequal negotiations with pushing and buying business support. GM-Seeds in shape of Pharmacy instead of Indian Organic Farming is still the hall mark of American foreign politics. Deal for better living standards for American voters at the cost of unsafe and costly Indian life is the bottom line of the American President Obama Visit to India.


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