Kiran Bedi`s Late Entry -Will it help BJP to Quick Fix Delhi`s `No Work` Record?

Rakesh Manchanda for BeyondHeadlines


With Modi Magic fading fast many Delhi BJP players are getting exposed.

Before a Delhi Vidhan Sabha Contest a Wild Card Entry was inevitable.

BJP Wild Card entry with elections hardly three weeks away in the dying hours of the game indicates a back door surprise entrance of a new undeclared or unannounced player.

This is normal in a game or in a Reality Show when the old players (BJP seasoned Delhi leaders) lose their appeal,steam and credibility with a no commendable team work tag.

Satish Upadhaya BJP possible CM candidate is and was facing several charges and corporate Reliance favors in Electricity Meter Scam of Delhi.

The challenge which Kiran Bedi is going to face is that she has to keep the `divided BJP` Delhi team together and start from Zero to whitewash BJP Delhi No Work Report Card.Advantage she has the `giant shoulders` of NaMo ready to launch her against whom she used to bash and protest bitterly in the recent past.

See the two enclosed tweets text. You may see the hidden reason for Kiran Bedi `conversion` which is certainly not a BJP famed Ghar Wapse or a re-conversion.


During Anna Movement Kiran Bedi along with Bollywood actor Ohm Puri was given a show cause Privilege Motion Notice by Sansad with `weak` allegations for her `Naxal Style` outbursts in Ramleela Grounds.

Kiran Bedi publicly apologized for her error and her Protest while she made fun of MPs and Politicians against Lok Pal Bill.She hated Political parties and today Anna announces in a channel that she never bothered to inform him about his joining of BJP.


The Big Boss double standards of PM Modi are also exposed when during public meetings he desires Protesters and Bashers to join Naxals and go to the Jungle.

It takes dedication with a leap of faith and practice to `compromise` and also to remain in Public respect and gaze. Kiran Bedi past cannot be wished away that is full of conflicts with seniors, disobedience on duty, deserting duty hours, courts, lawyers,ward admission in Delhi Medical College, U-turns of No Politics and outbursts against Narender Modi that makes her an unreliable Nagar Sevak. With excellent admin skills she wins a section of middle class.Some media reports puts her as `Bhagoda` while Karan Thapar show grilled her for her work pitfalls.

Thanks to the past 49 days rule of AAP- Delhiwallas are more aware and more alert about their Nagar Sevaks delivery style. Consider two elected Sevaks Arvind Kejriwal and Harsh Vardhan.Both received funds of 11.67 crores. Arvind Kejriwal proudly displays on AAP website where and how he spends 11 crores on roads and CCTVs cameras for a safe Delhi while Harsh Vardhan (now a Central Minister of BJP) fails to spend even a penny.

Delhi continues to be on the growth radar of several global cities. Stories of scams, rapes, terrorist plans to attack, women exploitation, less wages, no proper job agreement, inflation, rising water and electricity bills all has forced the people to wake up.

Win or Lose in Delhi election is not important. What is more important is the new competitive importance Delhi voters are getting in the otherwise dull contest that goes interesting.

Let voters play fair to evaluate the late breeze of Wild Card-Kiran Bedi before it gets `converted` BJP old style.

(Author has worked in India and abroad in several countries and had monitored the non-political Anna Lok Pal Movement led by Arvind Kejriwal-Kiran Bedi and others.)


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