PM Modi`s Unique Brand Suit for US-India Nuclear Deal

Rakesh Manchanda for BeyondHeadlines

World Eyes were glued to India Republic Day (RD) Events. President Obama the most powerful president of the sole superpower in the world along with a large America business delegation attended the annual RD Events. This is for the first time any elected President of America was invited to be the Chief Guest of the RD Parade. Many old protocols stand broken -to impress the powerful guest. If the Chief Guest had been the Head of say Bhutan the traditions of RD Parade and celebrations would have remained the same.

So what was New in this Republic Day Celebrations with Civil Nuclear Deal as an Essential?


A unique exclusive Modi fashion idea was launched by PM Modi. Hoshni Mubarak, Egypt’s former President and Dictator in the past had dared to use the same idea. It seemed like an ordinary pin striped suit worn by PM, but it wasn’t. It was actually in golden embroidery with the name -Narendra Damodardas Modi – printed all over.

During preparations of Republic Day, PM Modi Office team was reported in a careful micro analysis deciding as to what shall Modi wear, what menu to be served to guests, whom to invite and so on. Guest Obama was allowed his exclusive Car-`the beast`. The 65 year old tradition of guest travelling in Rashtrapati car to attend RD Parade was broken as America does not trust a host country`s security.

During election campaign mode while facing stiff competition Modi team talk shop is different. Even Modi ji talks only about Gandhi, broom, hygiene and simplicity with a local self tag of `Chowkidar` or `Pramukh Nagar Sevak`.

It appears today the `Public` in the Re-Public India stands forgotten. People in the street ask as to why their Human Rights, their safety, pollution, justice and day to day surviving essentials are not talked so seriously even by the media during RD Celebrations.

An overseas Indian doctor shares an interesting fact. He informs as to why he is ashamed of our PMO expensive `show off` suit getting his name (Modi) all over his body outfit. During Kashi Elections Modi Brand misuse was objected by EC on even `chapatis` cooked in the Dhaba using an impression machine which left the word Modi on each and every roti cooked. Then it was Har Har Modi all over in place of Har Har Mahadev.

Many experts point out as why the famous Time Magazine (in spite of Modi supporters global pressure on editors) choose to Name Ebola Caretakers as the Peron of the year in Dec-2014.

It will not be out of context to remind the readers that Ebola Medical Global Emergency global pressure and campaign stories after getting announced by World Health Organisation forced PM Modi to pick a broom and announce Clean India Movement. Another twist in this Modi exposure story is that Clean Indian Ambassadors like Anil Ambani, Tendulkar and Amtitabh do not fit into a serious role models whereas the 8 hrs `Safai` workers and the corruption in their daily earnings stand ignored by the MCD and governments.

Chai Pe Nuclear Deal Ki Charcha!


There is nothing wrong in breaking the dress tradition for equality neither in deciding who shall go to airport to receive the Chief Guest provided 99% Indians must benefit out of this civil nuclear deal.

However it appears in a private one to one business meet the India-US equation falls unequal. Let us accept the ground reality. In a dress up, rehearsal and speech competition you may outsmart each other but in Business the terms are different.In any Business deal like in Civil Nuclear deal there has to be a `Boss` and a Junior partner or subordinate ally.

The guest Obama as in the past wants the Indian host to follow him and accept only his business plans.

This Nuclear deal is opaque and hidden. Who shall bear the cost of human lives in case of Nuclear accidents? Here it is not clear if the ownership is with India? The Indian Government as the loyal Nuclear solider and the Indian Insurance companies all together as an Insurance guarentee announced are likely to pay 750+750=Rs.1500 crores. This payment will be from Tax payer’s money.

What about giving the unilateral freedom to America to control the nuclear reactors and the imported raw material? Will India be allowed to import raw material from market players like France, Russia or Australia ? Even the UPA government never agreed to this surrender such clauses.

BJP in the past for several years resisted and insisted that `Make in India` Nuclear Plant and Pact cannot be controlled by Americans. This meant that the ownership cannot be gifted to the American companies.

Why should we Indians forget 30 years old wounds that still bleeds where as the Congress helped American company to run away after Bhopal gas tragedy and the owner`s liability clause was missing?

For a better understanding let us review American Presidents past visits to India with their `Carrot and stick` policy. It is an open fact in media that Ex-PM was asked on phone by the then American President to send Indian soldiers in support of US Army General in Iraq war. Nothing much changed in Goodwill exchange except that US business terms during visit, stay, security and cooperation is more costly and more serious with terror threat more serious than before.

The hidden deal with hoopla diversions on suits and protocols fail to hide a classic U-Turn of BJP on the Nuclear deal with a clear `sell out` of India`s invaluable sovereignty and compromise of our independent foreign policy against petty tips and change.

Defence and its `desi` preparedness makes any Country`s people feel proud as on Republic Day Parade. Our RD Parade unclear signal to world and Indians is not strong. VVIPs imported Safety Vs People problems shall eclipse our Republic Day Celebrations without an `independent` foreign policy.

PM Modi-President Obama must share in Public the finer points and clear the ownership clause of such issues where American companies run away and are protected. President Obama has left for America. Before leaving India in good humour he informed Media that he sleeps better and for more hours then PM Modi.


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