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Arvind Kejriwal : “The Man who changed the definition of Indian Politics”

Himadrish Suwan for BeyondHeadlines

All my life I have heard the line “Iss desh ka kuch nhi ho sakta” and after all I have seen one man just like you and me who has changed the definition of Indian Politics. He talks about Corruption free India, Inflation free India and more transparent government.

He believes that corruption is responsible for all the perils in the society. His party is unusual; it has garnered support cutting across the negative traditional vote banks politics. When was the last time in an election where a political party refused support of religious leaders and heavy weights. But his party  as quoted above is unusual despite extending support to his party by Muslim cleric Shahi Imam Bukhari  who is said to have a strong influence on minority votes, which is proved to be a game changer. But unlike the other political parties who have received cleric Imam Bukhari’s support at several juncture in need of our but, the “unusual” Aam Aadmi Party refused to accept his support.

First time in Indian political history a party fought elections against the traditional negative vote bank politics.  I believe in Arvind because I can see the same anger in his eyes as I have against the bad system over the past decades.

Arvind’s party symbol i.e. a broom itself is powerful and speaks volumes of his capabilities. Well, we must find answer to questions like,

(a) When was the last time we saw a political party declaring its list of donors?

(b) When was the last time a party declared that people from the same family will not be given election tickets?

(c) When did any party publicly hold internal elections for candidate selection?

(d) Do political parties have the courage to refuse corporate donations?

(e) 70 manifestos for 70 constituencies are being prepared. When did this happen ever? (Source :

Undoubtedly Arvind Kejriwal exhibits what some describe as ‘servant leadership style’.

The “49 days” of Aam Aadmi Party were “HISTORIC”, ever imagined that in a country like India ” CORRUPTION ” will decrease , Ever imagined in a country like India ” RIGHT TO WATER ” will be a reality ,Ever imagined in a country like India “POWER @ 50% LESS ” , Ever imagined in a country like India ” SAY NO TO VIP CULTURE “.

A common man has risen from among us in form of Arvind Kejriwal. Unlike his predecessors, Kejriwal has rejected the VIP culture far from bungalows surrounded by lush lawns in Delhi. The kind of India he envisions “swaraj” and a “corruption free” India is what is the need of hour.

Delhi needs Arvind Kejriwal more than Arvind Kejriwal needing Delhi. He is a hope, he is an aspiration, he has committed himself, he has strong convictions, he is resilient, he has the right intent. If anybody can transform the society we live in, Arvind Kejriwal can. Undoubtedly, Kejriwal is “The Man who changed the definition of Indian Politics” and I hope he is here to stay for long……

Himadrish Suwan is University of Delhi Student and the youngest recipient of the International Association of Educators for World Peace Global Award for Media & Information Activism 2014 (affiliated to United Nations ECOSOC,UNICEF, DPI).

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