BAI Seeks Collector’s Intervention against the Price Hike of Raw Materials

BeyondHeadlines Correspondent

Pune: Builders’ Association of India (BAI), Pune centre has filed a complaint to Sourabh Rao, District Collector of Pune about untimely price hike in stone metal and sand quarry products. According to the letter written by BAI to Rao, registered association of quarry products and producers in and around Pune have increased the prices of sand metal and quarry products suddenly and unwarrantedly.

Letter dated February 10, 2015 also mentions that Quarry Products Association has also stopped the supply till all the consumers, builders and contractors agree to their price rise. BAI protesting against it has requested Rao to intervene in the matter.

While talking about price rise and prohibition of the supply, R B Suryavanshi, member, BAI Pune centre said, “BAI members are mostly government contractors. They are bound by timely completion of their contracts that too within contract value. The unfair and unwarranted price rise has put the construction industry in jeopardy.”He also mentioned that price rise is unfair and violates the fair trade practices as they have risen when the market is experience a fall in fuel prices.

The Association has also pointed out in its letter that the Quarry Products Association always pressurizes the construction industry by going on strike to enforce the price rise.  BAI has condemned the illegal move by Quarry Products Association to hike the prices for commercial gain. They have requested a quick and decisive intervention of the collector in this matter.

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